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CJD features new capabilities included in Volvo loader


Boasting an impressive suite of features that cater towards an improved operator experience and higher savings, the L260H is the latest offering from Volvo to be supplied to the Australian market by CJD Equipment.

Unique working conditions in the quarrying industry require machines which are capable of going above and beyond.

This is where the L260H from Volvo shines. Building upon the success of the previous L250H model, the newer loader has enhancements in multiple areas.

Speaking on the new features of the L260H and their applications for operators on site, national product manager for CJD Equipment, Hayden Grant, said that the total cost of ownership for a high performing loader was one of the biggest selling points for the L260H.

“The L260H is the ideal production loader for all applications, from load and carry to moving quarried material,” Grant said.

“Its ability to move tonnes per hour, with more tonnes per litre of fuel burnt make it a fantastic piece of machinery in terms of efficiency and sustainability.”

Next Generation Load Sensing Technology

Next Generation Load Sensing technology is a unique feature of the L260H that helps it to stand out in the market. According to Grant, this technology allows the regeneration of the hydraulic oil from one side of the cylinder to the other, with minimal effort.

“The load sensing technology redistributes the hydraulic oil with no pump pressure and with no load on the engine, so no fuel is burnt,” he said. “This also improves controllability and makes the machine operation smoother.”

The feature has the potential to pass on significant fuel cost savings through the function of the hydraulic technology.

“This reduction in cycle times results in more tonnes per litre of fuel burnt, not only for the L260H, but also for any vehicle it is loading into,” Grant said.

With the additional on-board weighing option, operators can know the current load in the bucket and exactly how much has been unloaded for the current task, whether that be loading a truck or stockpile.

Volvo Site Simulation

Volvo Site Simulation provides insight into fleet choices and site configuration, allowing more visibility in choosing the optimal options to increase the efficacy of operations.

“The Volvo Site Simulation is a great tool for all Volvo products,” Grant said, “the customer can map out the site and drill down on where efficiencies can be improved. It also makes it easy to identify areas where they are not performing as efficiently as they could be.”

Volvo Site Simulation can be assisted and further improved with other options available, including connected maps, operator coaching and productivity services. These options help to save both fuel and wear on the machine, and maintain the value of the loader over time.

“Optional real-time operator coaching is provided directly to the operators in the cab, giving them tips on the best operating practices. For example, they might need assistance on using the lock up option, positioning the throttle or the use of kickdown in the first gear,” Grant said.

A new transmission with Opti shift and reverse by braking function reduces fuel burn and cycle times.

Technological advantages

The L260H offers improvements over the previous L250H model, that particularly in quarry operations.

Responsiveness is one aspect which Volvo has improved upon, with a focus on enhancing the operator experience, as Grant explained.

“The increased responsiveness delivers an improved fuel burn, enhanced comfort in the cab, faster cycle times, and the ability to adjust the responsiveness from the dash as  required,” Grant said.

“It’s a great tool when you have an operator that’s not familiar with the L260H, or who has a task where more finesse is required.”

Featuring a new transmission with Opti Shift and Reverse by Braking (RBB) function has also been built into the new design, which further reduces fuel burn and cycle times in load and carry scenarios.

When working with the automatic lockup clutch and the RBB function, the brakes apply on a direction change, engaging the opposite gear when it’s safe to do so. This results in the system protecting the drive line and transmission whilst reducing the overall wear on the components.

To keep the operator within the optimal revolutions per minute (RPM) range, the loader has an eco-pedal included. This, according to Grant, contributes to reducing the machine’s total cost of ownership.

“It’s a simple thing, but it’s highly effective,” he said, “The eco pedal encourages economical operation by applying a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator.”

This immediate feedback direct to the operator can also help to facilitate better driving habits to reduce fuel use over time.


With a focus on providing high levels of service to ensure the best experience and highest productivity from the end user, CJD Equipment spares no expense when it comes to equipment the company supply.

 CJD operates 20 branches across Australia with over 100 field service staff and 150 workshop staff.

The company also has an additional 15 resident field service technicians and over 20 product support and aftersales support staff to support customers nationally. Additionally, CJD offers an afterhours call out service that is available 24 hours, seven days a week. •

The L260H is available for purchase across Australia. To enquire about stock or the range of additional
add-on options for the new loader, please contact your local CJD Equipment branch.

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