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ALLU buckets reduce material double handling needs

Crusher Buckets

Efficient material flow is a key issue in any quarry operation and any improvements made in this area reflect positively on the bottom line. Enter the ALLU series crusher buckets.

The ALLU series of screener crusher buckets offer a solution for heavy duty carriers and operators to reduce material double handling needs.

The secret of the ALLU bucket range lies in its versatility.

Built by Finnish private limited company ALLU Finland Oy, the ALLU screener crushers are the ideal tool for creating material such as road base and building materials.

Instead of requiring fixed plant to screen material onsite – which can be time consuming to transport and set up, with up to three trucks often required – the ALLU buckets attach to existing machinery and are ready to operate, as an out-of-box solution.

Within the buckets motors are placed inside the frame to avoid damage caused by external material, while lubrication inside the chain boxes ensures a long lifetime for the transmission, with the buckets able to screen material without back-and-forth rotation to produce a homogenous end product, even with wet materials.

The buckets are also universal, meaning they can be transported wherever required before attaching to the machine and being put to work.

When mine and quarrying veteran Len Hardy decided he needed two “big” new buckets for the Bonnyview Quarries business in NSW, he knew exactly what brand he wanted and where to turn to.

Having used a number of smaller ALLU buckets on excavators over the years, Hardy had eyes on a pair of ALLU DH4-23 XHD25 screening buckets to take on the bigger jobs and provide additional versatility to his operation, which supplies to customers across NSW.

According to Hardy, they are the perfect fit for his business.

Crusher Buckets
ALLU DH4 operating onsite.

“They’re probably the simplest bucket and have the biggest range of different componentry on the market,” QLD Rock Breakers product specialist Craig Einam said.

ALLU has one of the widest range of screening buckets and screener light crushers on the market.

The units fit for almost any base machine size starting from the most compact ALLU DL Series to the ALLU M Series that will fit up to 160 tonne class excavators and up to 90 tonne wheel loaders.

ALLU Transformer Screener Buckets mounted on an excavator, can improve efficiency in material processing due to the work speed the buckets allow and the reach which results in almost double the processing capacity compared to a slow-moving wheel loader as a carrier.

When looking at a project with a holistic approach given multiple equipment mobilisations, fuel costs and cost to process in low margin return Ore reclaiming projects, ALLU states that case studies undertaken by the business have shown “between $1.50-$2.50 per tonne savings in running costs in comparison to multiple unit processing configurations.”

ALLU products are distributed to over 30 countries around the world and in Australia through a nationwide network, including distributors such as;

For more information and full contact details of distributors, visit the Attachment Specialist Group website.

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