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Successful zero-emissions electric truck trial a first

CHL, Holcim Australia and Janus Electric have announced the successful completion of their breakthrough zero-emissions electric truck trial in Queensland. 

The electric Janus Electric converted prime mover was the star of the trial, which was a first for the construction sector, and a milestone in the transition to a more sustainable transport industry. 

The trial, which began in November 2022, tested the economic viability, reliability, and performance of the Janus Electric converted prime mover, using it to cart sand and aggregates from Holcim’s plants across Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. 

Quarry caught up with the general manager of Janus Electric, Lex Forsyth, who said that the successful trial proved sceptics wrong. 

“We’ve had a lot of people say, ‘This will never work.’ Now, we’ve proven that it has worked,” Forsyth said. 

“The common misconception is that an electric motor can’t do what a diesel motor does. And in actual fact it does the same, if not better.” 

“The challenge has been trying to get that recognised by state and federal governments, to actually take a step forward on how we can get some compensation for zero emissions vehicles.”

So, what ‘s next for Janus Electric? 

Forsyth says CHL has already confirmed some orders for purchasing some trucks and Holcim are looking at how they can integrate it into their fleet as well. 

And there’s much more ahead. 

“We’re about to release one of the heaviest trucks in the world. We’ll have that coming out in the next two weeks. Which demonstrates the actual strength of our technology and where we’re going as a business, and being able to deliver varying applications from metropolitan to mining to quarries to long distance transport.”

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