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Quarries supported through flood recovery road works


The Victorian Earth Resources Regulator has announced resources that have been directed into Victorian Quarries to assist with necessary road repairs caused by recent flood activity.

According to a statement by the Victorian Earth Resources Regulator Temporary, measures have been recently introduced to “enable eligible quarry operators to produce additional resources by extending their operating hours or increasing production outputs. These short-term changes are supporting the state’s flood recovery program.”

Six quarry operators – located close to flood-affected areas – have been granted permission to temporarily vary work authorities, in order to supply requisite materials to used in flood recovery efforts.

Other applications are currently under consideration.

The temporary measures are expected to deliver the 1.7 million tonnes of quarry materials required for the Victorian Government’s $165 million flood emergency road repair package and will also offset the increase in demand resulting from flood response activities.

The funding is a part of the $351 million Victorian State Government package, announced soon after the major weather event in 2022.

The funds have been used to fix and upkeep roads, particularly in the hardest hit areas of Western, Loddon Mallee and Hume regions.

Major Roads Projects Victoria are working with contractors who have offered to join in a coordinated effort with Regional Roads Victoria to repair roads impacted by the weather event, which include local material suppliers.

For more information on the project, visit the Victorian Earth Resources Regulator and Regional Roads Victoria.

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