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ToThink Equipment, the new supplier to think about


With beginnings in consultancy and design, ToThink Equipment brings boots on the ground experience to providing vibrating equipment for quarrying applications.

As important as having the most efficient machine on-site, is having the equipment knowledge to generate maximum impact and reward from the equipment.

This area is where Darren Toth and the team from ToThink Equipment stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Known primarily as ToThink Engineering, the business has registered a new addition in the form of ToThink Equipment that caters directly to the manufacture and distribution of vibrating screens, pan feeders and apron feeders to quarrying and extractive industry operations.

According to Toth, the development of ToThink Equipment stemmed from a desire to make machines and equipment that were designed by someone with experience in the extractive industry.

“With a commitment to manufacturing locally and supplying quality equipment, ToThink Engineering values the end build of the screens and feeders being not just to the quality that customers expect, but also to the quality that ToThink Equipment holds itself to,” Toth said.

The quality, which is a part of the offering from ToThink Equipment, comes from the partnership that ToThink maintains with suppliers such as Oli Vibrators.

As a distributor of Oli Vibrator motors, ToThink Equipment is backed by a trusted and well recognised motor manufacturer, further cementing the high quality the company aims to provide.

“We can put our hands on our heart and say that this machine won’t fail as it has an Oli motor in it,” Toth said.

Locally available

Toth said having access to a good stock of Oli Vibrator motors locally and proximity to clients gave ToThink “an edge over larger companies in terms of lead times,” noting that “these bigger companies import complete machines from overseas.”

“One thing we have over larger companies is that because we are manufacturing locally, we are in the same time zone as our customers,” Toth said.

“Knowing that they can come to us with questions and we’ll be able to get back to them on the same day and even get someone out to help them, is an aspect of our business which we’ve had really positive feedback from.”

Due to the local nature of ToThink, price of repairs and replacements also becomes lower, Toth said.

“When it becomes necessary to repair or replace parts for an original equipment manufacturer’s machine, there’s no debate whether or not to pay for freight overseas. We can dispatch the required parts to site within a couple of hours.”

“We want to support people in the industry with our machines,” Toth said. “We’re not hoping for our customers to need replacement parts, but if they ever do, they know that they’ll be able to get them as soon as physically possible and keep both their machines and outputs running at a high levels.”

Bespoke design

All of the feeders and screens from ToThink are assembled in Victoria and, according to Toth, they can be designed with bespoke parts, depending on the needs of a quarry.

From Toth’s experience, the level of knowledge and understanding of vibrating equipment on quarry sites is “typically low.”

“A lot of the issues that we run into are that people are either unaware of how their vibrating equipment and feeders work, or they are operating them incorrectly. They might even have the wrong piece of equipment for the material that they are working with.”

“My team and I have experience and knowledge with these machines, so not only can we ensure that our customers are getting the machine that they need, we can also make sure they know how to use it correctly to increase the productivity observed on site.”

ToThink Equipment caters directly to the manufacturing and distribution of vibrating screens.

Toth said ToThink occupies a niche within the vibrating screen and equipment industry as it can quote and provide machines to fit specific needs.

“ToThink can provide machines that fit within the spaces of pre-existing machines on site, preserving the support structures present to save customers the cost of constructing entirely new infrastructure for ToThink’s screens.”

“Every second that machines aren’t running, is time that businesses aren’t able to generate profit,” Toth said. “The quarrying industry needs all the support it can get currently and we’re aware of that, so by working with our customers we can provide these custom builds that incorporate what they already have.”

ToThink Equipment has a reputation for being well versed when it comes to vibrating screens and feeders. The company’s motto ‘Choose to Think’ reflects a desire to help clients become self-sufficient with knowledge of their equipment.

“I’m committed to the industry and have given almost 20 years of my life to contributing to the industry,” Toth said. “I don’t want to help the industry by continually holding their hands. Rather, I want to see the industry thrive with the proper tools in hand to do so.”•

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