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Moodlu Quarry integral to water recycling scheme

Moodlu Quarry

The Wamuran Irrigation Scheme in QLD has reached a major milestone with the inclusion of the rehabilitated Moodlu Quarry now essential to the continuation of the project.

The scheme, which is forecast to be operational by 2024, is intended to provide year round water security for a number of Wamuran farmers, while additionally managing the wastewater from Caboolture South Treatment Plant.

The project has currently seen more than 13km of pipeline installed in the 12 months since the $120 million project was announced.

Speaking on the provision of the project and its benefit to the local area, Unitywater executive manager for sustainable infrastructure solutions, Daniel Lambert, said the project team and associate contractors had installed three-quarters of the new pipeline.

“We’re installing 17km of new pipe, which will connect to an existing 5km section that was completed as part of early project works,” Lambert said.

“Once completed, the 22km pipeline will supply Class A recycled water to farms in the Wamuran region.

“Just last week a concrete slab was poured at Moodlu Quarry which will host a three megalitre (3 million litres) balance tank to store the treated recycled water before being distributed to farms.”

Moodlu Quarry is an abandoned quarry which has served as a large water reservoir for the community and is now the location of a tank to treat recycled water to deliver clean water to the community.

“This project has created hundreds of jobs for locals, with approximately 150 construction workers currently on site between the Moodlu Quarry and Caboolture,” Lambert said.

“As the Moreton Bay region continues to grow and we produce higher volumes of recycled water, we will be able to connect additional customers to the scheme.”

Currently the public access to the Moodlu Quarry has become limited as the installation of a new floating pump station at Moodlu Quarry, which includes under water infrastructure, has begun.

For more information on the project, visit UnityWater here.

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