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A new generation of Hitachi offerings


This year, Hitachi Construction Machinery will be officially launching new wheel loaders and excavators from its popular ZW-7 and ZX-7 series in Australia. Quarry spoke to the Hitachi team to find out more.

Both owners and operators are set to gain from improvements in the new Hitachi ‘dash seven’ wheel loader and excavators as the new generation machines hit Australian shores this year. 

Following on from the success of the renowned ZW310-5B wheel loader, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) is introducing the 24-tonne ZW310-7 model – a new generation 4.5 cubic metre wheel loader suitable for rehandling and sales loading application in aggregate or sand quarries.

Heralding a new era for digging, HCA is also launching three new models from its ZAXIS-7 large excavator series: ZX490LCH-7, ZX690LCH-7 and ZX890LCH-7. The Stage-V compliant large excavators promise up to 20 per cent in fuel savings, improved output and reduced life cycle costs compared to previous models. 

Quarry sat down with HCA’s national product manager for wheel loaders David Gallina and national product manager for construction excavators Bijesh Surabhi to learn more about the technologies embedded in the machines. 

Productive loading

According to Gallina, new features in the ZW310-7 wheel loader mean higher productivity for the owners.

“The new ZW-7 wheel loader has been designed to give powerful performance, low total cost of ownership, and exceptional efficiency. Built to the highest quality standards, it will significantly boost productivity at busy quarries and have a positive impact on profits,” he told Quarry.

The new Hitachi patented Approach Speed and Rise Run control features contribute to lowering the cost of ownership, he explained.

Short cycle loading operations are completed faster and more efficiently using the approach speed control feature with a high level of productivity ensured by fast cycle times, high breakout force, loading capacity, and improved acceleration on inclines.

But that’s not all. There are other features in the ZW310-7 also contributing to higher productivity. 

“As standard, the wheel loader operators can now work more efficiently and accurately thanks to the ZW-7 payload checker. It enables them to keep track of load weights in real time on the monitor and find out how much material is in the bucket or truck. The display shows when the bucket or truck is overloaded, so you can adjust the final load to achieve target capacity,” said Gallina.

“Combined with the new Stage-V compliant fuel-efficient engine with increased torque at lower revolution and intelligent computer aided lock up converter and transmission, you’re in total control to maximise productivity and increase efficiency.”

Operator safety

Operator safety improvements in the new ZW310-7 stand out, with the loader designed to offer better visibility, even in the reverse motion.

“The ZW310-7 allows for an unparalleled view from all angles, with superior visibility to the rear and either side of the narrow engine bonnet, combined with the aerial angle camera system, the operators have a 270° bird’s-eye view of the surrounding worksite,” said Gallina. “Safety is further enhanced by the intelligent anti-collision and warning system to alert the driver of any immediate dangers if anything is too close to the rear of the machine. The new standard intelligent system with improved vision helps protect the operator, site workers and the machine from potential hazards,” he added.

Cab improvements

The operators of the new Hitachi ZW310-7 loader would also notice improvements with the redesigned pressurised cab, which offers more space, better quality, and a superior view of the surroundings.

“The ZW310-7 cab has one of the lowest noise and vibration levels in the market,” said Gallina.

The loader is equipped with seat mounted electric control multifunction lever and joystick steering, heated heavy duty seat with horizontal suspension with a 75 millimetre wide seat belt with audible alarm. The armrest is integrated with a sub monitor controller (both dial and switches) to control the new high-resolution eight-inch secondary display on the right-hand A pillar. 

“The new guidance display features provide the operator with a clear understanding of machine conditions, daily inspection reminders and real-time instructions to improve productivity and machine safety,” said Gallina. “During operation, the driver comfort is further enhanced by Hitachi’s new intelligent ride control function to prevent unnecessary machine pitching and vibration during load and carry cycles, keeping the operator in control and without fatigue.”

Hitachi Construction Machinery is introducing the 24-tonne ZW310-7 wheel loader in Australia.

A new era for excavators

Hitachi’s new generation of ZAXIS-7 large crawler excavators, which continue to be manufactured in Japan, are also debuting in the Australian market this year, after a successful launch in the European market. 

According to Bijesh Surabhi, National Product Manager for Construction Excavators, the new generation of large excavators stand out for their Stage-V compliant engines, comfortable cabs and safety features.

The fuel savings benefit from a patented Hitachi hydraulic system called Human and Intelligent Operation System (HIOS). The HIOS-V hydraulic system in the latest crawler excavators is a further evolution on Hitachi’s HIOS-IV, which facilitates quicker responses to more intuitive operator control.

“Through rigorous reviews focused on hydraulic loss, compared to the ZAXIS-6, Hitachi has achieved a reduction in fuel consumption of 11 per cent or more, and even greater performance when compared to the current ZAXIS-5 model sold in Australia,“ said Surabhi. “This hydraulic system also enhances efficiency in the swing, boom lowering and arm bucket roll-out. Productivity is further increased by the improved front speed for loading operations; and the increased engine output of the new ZAXIS-7 machines contributes to a higher workload. Operators now have the ability to alter the hydraulic priority between the attachment, arm roll-in and slew, so they can perfectly match the machine’s response to their operating style and preference. We have also retained the pilot operated hydraulic system (compared with an electric-over-hydraulic system), in order to maintain Hitachi’s legendary ‘hydraulic feel’.” 

The fuel efficiency of ZAXIS-7 large excavators can also be controlled by using the new ECO gauge, Surabhi explained. 

“Besides reducing costs, better fuel economy has a positive impact on environmental performance. The new excavators are Stage-V compliant, thanks to the combination of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Catalysed Soot Filter (CSF).”

The cab comfort extends from the wheel loader to the excavators. 

“The ultra-spacious cab is the perfect working environment for operators, offering reduced noise and vibration levels in the cab, which are both vital for the mining and quarrying industries,” said Surabhi. “Other new features include the synchronised motion of the seat and console – to reduce operator fatigue – and the adjustable console height with three positions to choose from. Easy operation comes from the ergonomic design of the console and switches, and the hi-res anti-glare screen is also easier to view.”

The ZX690LCH-7 excavator is built with reinforced components ideal for loading heavy materials.

Increased safety

Job-site safety is enhanced by the exceptional view from the ZAXIS-7 large excavators. Operators can control their own safety, as well as that of those around them, thanks to the aerial angle camera system. It provides a 270-degree bird’s-eye view and users can choose from six image options to see the machine’s immediate environment.

“Tested rigorously at dedicated facilities in Japan, Hitachi ZAXIS-7 large machines have been built to last and maximise uptime. New engine parts enhance reliability, oil leakages are less likely and the durability of the trackframe has been improved,” said Surabhi. “In addition, the undercarriage of the ZX490LCH-7 has robust new components that prevent potential damage. The ZX690LCH-7 and ZX890LCH-7 models are built with reinforced components that are ideal for the digging and loading of heavy materials. Strengthened to cope with the rigours of mining and quarrying, they provide lower costs over the machine’s lifetime.”

After-sale support

The new ‘dash seven’ wheel loader and excavators have already been released in Europe with success. 

According to Gallina, the next installment of the quarry size wheel loaders from HCA will be the new generation 36 tonne ZW370-7 in two bucket configurations, which is expected to arrive in Australia soon.

With HCA a direct reseller for Hitachi’s products and along with its national, wholly-owned sales and service support network , Gallina said being able to directly communicate with the factory is an advantage for Australian customers.

Thanks to patented Hitachi technology, the ZW310-7 wheel loader can complete short cycle loading operations efficiently.

“To support owners and operators throughout the life cycle of the new machines, Hitachi offers a wide range of after-sales services and access to vital data and tools to manage their machine effectively,” Gallina said. 

“These include remote monitoring systems, ConSite operational reports and emergency notification via e-mail which help to monitor performance, track location, and plan maintenance. The ConSite pocket app also allows you to manage and monitor your fleet remotely.”•

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