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Breath of fresh air from Australian manufacturer of excavator buckets


Australian digging conditions are harsh and Australian business standards are high.

Putting these two factors together, excavator operators across the country in all industries are faced with new challenges daily.

The demanding environment placed upon operators has opened up a need for quality equipment as ONTRAC company owner, Adrian Attwood, spoke on.

“That’s really what ONTRAC Group was founded on,” Attwood said, “the demand for a quality bucket to dig through the harshest rocky applications found in Australia.”

ONTRAC Group maintains a philosophy to build excavator buckets of the highest quality, to support Australian businesses in excavating applications.

Every day, the company is set to achieve this through the use of exclusive standards of Australian Manufacturing.

As part of this, one of the ONTRAC premium spec quarry buckets to be put to the test was a 50 tonne, seen in operation at Boral’s Cosgrove Quarry.

‘’Our rock is one of the most abrasive in Australia,” plant manager at the Boral Cosgrove operation, Brad Clark said.

“However, after having an ONTRAC bucket in the ground for seven months, we haven’t had any downtime because of the bucket whatsoever.”

ONTRAC Premium Quarry Bucket, put to the test at Boral Cosgrove site.

ONTRAC manufactures their buckets primarily from HARDOX®️ wear plate and uses MTG ground engaging tools.

These quality materials, combined with innovative design from an experienced team of Australian engineers, is what allows ONTRAC to provide buckets of superior quality.

“The bucket previously used on the machine was way too heavy for it, so this new bucket is the right one for the machine and it does the job,” Clark said.

Giving positive outcomes and providing solutions to customers plays a large part in the success of ONTRAC.

‘’And this is the ultimate goal we seek to achieve every time – giving Australian’s the best possible outcomes, because we can offer a tailored solution to each specific site or application,” Attwood said.

Boral’s Premium Quarry bucket being dispatched from ONTRAC’s Manufacturing facility in July 2022.

ONTRAC Group was awarded the license to carry the official Australian Made Logo in May 2022.

‘’Not that this has made any difference to the quality of product we produce, it’s about proving to our clients that they are getting 100 per cent Australian Made,” Attwood said.

“This is incredibly important, especially in a market that is so full of imported product.”

ONTRAC Buckets now bear the official Australian Made logo.

As part of its Australian Made service offering, ONTRAC Group can provide quick and reliable support for the buckets they manufacture.

‘’I’m pleased with this bucket, in that we can send it back to the ONTRAC team and have it serviced whenever is needed,’’ Clark said.

Demonstration of successful Australian manufacturing of buckets, has been one of the major contributing factors to the partnership of ONTRAC with XMOR®️ High Productivity Equipment.

ONTRAC now exclusively provides the unique XMOR bucket for excavators 50 to 120 tonne.

‘’This is helping us stay at the cutting edge of Australian bucket manufacturing,” Attwood said.

‘’Which is in turn helping Aussies get the best out of their buckets, when faced with some of the harshest digging conditions in the world.”

To get in touch with ONTRAC visit their website here, or through 1300 910 950 & LinkedIn.

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