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Polyurethane Meshes fit for Derrick screens

Polyurethane Meshes

Anping Red Star has the ability to manufacture and supply polyurethane meshes to fit Derrick screens, such as TH48-30, TH56-42 and TH36-30, with other models available on request.

The products from the team at Anping Red Star are well-known for their efficiency, high quality and outstanding performance on screening equipment.

An inventory has recently been set up in the company’s factory warehouse in Victoria, with the aperture size from 0.063 millimetres (mm) up to 4.5mm, providing solutions for business of all sizes.

Anping Red Star provides a door-to-door supply chain solution, to support businesses and provide long-lasting and effective polyurethane meshes and other polyurethane equipment which works in conjunction with the largest equipment suppliers in the market.

For more details, contact the team on 0401 459 289.

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