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High head high pressure H150 available from Toolkwip Pumps

Toolkwip Pumps

The H Pumps offered from Toolkwip Pumps as part of the Selwood range, offer maximum performance and efficiency for high head, high pressure dewatering.

The efficient models offer total heads up to 158 metres, mechanical shaft sealing, Selprime automatic self-priming and emission compliant engines, making them Ideal for high head and high pressure applications and making them simple to operate and maintain.

The H150 has a capacity of 450 cubic meters an hour with a maximum pump speed of 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) and four internal impeller blades to drive water pressure.

The Selprime priming method is a unique Selwood self-priming system that utilises a water tolerant diaphragm air pump. The design is environmentally friendly and lacks the problems of oil vapour emissions and oil emulsification.

For more information, visit the Toolkwip Pumps website.

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