Mclanahan acquires tailings treatment company


McLanahan Corporation has announced that the company has signed an agreement to acquire Diefenbach, an Italian manufacturer of filter presses and thickeners used in tailings storage.

Mclanahan and Diefenbach have been in business together since 2013 and expect the recent acquisition to close during the second quarter of 2023.

Diefenbach has extensive experience in selling and manufacturing filter presses and thickener primarily for the mining and aggregate industries, in addition to the chemical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, battery recycling, PET recycling and wastewater treatment industries.

Following the global uptake of a circular economy and recycling water from industrial processes, McLanahan Corporation looked to Diefenbach as a partner to continue expanding the company’s offerings in this emerging sustainability space.

McLanahan Corporation offers over 185 years of experience in providing processing solutions to a variety of materials handling industries.

The acquisition gives the company the ability to ensure that their customers and the industries they serve have access to the comprehensive solutions worldwide, in line with the changing requirements for processing.

“As we look toward the future, we see a growing need for wastewater and tailings management in a variety of industries as part of the circular economy,” Cory Jenson, executive vice president of sales and business development at McLanahan, said.

“Every industry is being challenged to use less and less water and to recycle the water they are using. This acquisition offers significant synergies to McLanahan’s existing tailings solutions in mining and aggregates, which continue to remain a critical part of McLanahan’s product offerings.”

“This new partnership allows us to offer a more competitive solution to our tailings partners around the world.”

Diefenbach has plans to continue to operate as an independent brand in the marketplace, focusing on the core industries and markets the company serves around the world.

For the aggregate industry, Diefenbach will be partnering with Eagle Iron Works, another brand in the McLanahan Family of Companies, to offer a line of filter presses and thickeners to Eagle customers who are looking to purchase a complete tailings and water management solution from one vendor.

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