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Inside Construction Expo calls for presentations

Inside Construction Expo

The Inside Construction Expo 2023 is calling for presentation submissions to be made for the event in September.

Set to take place on 20-21 September 2023 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Inside Construction Expo will feature an exhibition, conference and awards across the two days.

The conference presents an ideal environment to focus on and discuss answers to the significant challenges facing both the construction industry and by extension the extractive materials industry.

Conference presentation submissions are now being sought from industry leaders, to speak on any case studies, products or initiatives that could benefit the wider construction sector.

The opportunity to present gives the chance for businesses to not only grow their business, but also the wider industry.

The submissions made are encouraged to consider the theme “Engineering the Future”, when applying.

Specifically, presentations are being sought on, major vertical construction, state funded infrastructure projects, federally funded infrastructure projects and local government infrastructure projects.

Submissions should contain the following information;

  • What is the presentation about?
  • How does it contribute to better outcomes for the construction industry?
  • How was it achieved? (e.g. is it based on a new product that was tested, a review of available literature or a project which pushed the boundaries of current knowledge or experience?)
  • What were the main findings?
  • Why are these findings important to the construction industry?
  • Do the findings bring value to the broader community, and if so, how?

To make submissions and be a part of the Inside Construction Expo, visit the submission portal here.

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