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Staying on track with Crusher Screen Sales and Hire

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire specialises in sale and hire of plants Australia wide, from crusher and screens to conveyors and mixing equipment. The company also provides services around soil remediation and is the Australian distributor for IMS. Manager John Andersen speaks with Quarry about what the company has been up to.

How was 2022 for Crusher Screen Sales and Hire? Can you share some milestones?

Some challenges of 2022 were supply issues and increased prices of plants and shipping costs. This led to some products waiting months to get on a ship. To top that off, we were then hit with cost increases. In some cases, parts have been in short supply or there has been extended delays in obtaining them. So, the big milestone for us was being able to meet those challenges and not letting our clients down.

Which were the most popular Crusher Screen Sales and Hire products within the industry?

There has been good demand for sale and hire of the IMS-PM1050-16TB track pugmill that is fully automated. IMS offers this high- capacity track pugmill, which is specifically developed to produce high quality material blending for stabilising road based materials with the addition of water and cement or lime. The track pugmill can also be used
for blending at asphalt plants, for cold emulsified asphalt mixing (cold mix), for roller compacted concrete (RCC) and for flowable backfill material. They are working on a lot of the major infrastructure projects throughout Australia, meeting the required specifications of blending products. There has been a large demand for most products serving the quarry and construction industries and we expect this to continual next year.

Have you noticed changes in what the industry is demanding from suppliers such as yourself?

There has been such a demand for plants that some clients have had to wait months for delivery or [they’ve had to] purchase another machine, which might not have been their first choice. This has also led to increased demand for second hand plants, resulting in price increases. If the contractor has won a project and needs a specific plant, they may have to take what is available, be it new or second hand.

What support does the company provide beyond your core products?

Besides servicing and making sure parts are available, we spend a lot of time and money automating the IMS pugmills and blenders, improving the product to ensure it remains a market leader in this field. It is already gaining a larger market, not only in the quarry and construction industry, but also in remediation projects. Some states and councils are requiring recycled products to be blended with quarry products to reduce landfill and utilise a reusable product instead of waste.

Crusher Screen Sales and Hire
The IMS-PM1050-16TB track pugmill is used across many projects in Australia.

What’s one key challenge you anticipate for the quarrying industry in 2023?

Shortage of skilled workers and plant shortages, which could negatively affect the large pipeline of projects just starting.

How is Crusher Screen Sales and Hire set out to address that?

By offering a lot of our plants with automation, it reduces [risk of] operator error and supports management that their product is meeting the specifications. It also helps produce supporting reports that can be overseen without having to be on site. A lot of virgin quarry materials have difficulty meeting the standard with some of the new specifications that have been introduced. The range of blenders and pugmills we offer will resolve this problem. Of course, the quarry is picking up extra costs on plant purchases and operating costs, but it’s still cheaper than having a product rejected on a construction site or sitting as a rejected product at the quarry. The companies that embrace the changes will have an edge over their competitors for major projects and get considered by the head contractors and authorities.

Finally, what are your goals for 2023?

Much the same as last year, keeping service and plant up in the market and meeting demands in what looks like another busy year.

For more information, visit: www.crusherscreen.com

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