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CJD on journey to higher levels of sustainability


Grayden Leaver, Executive General Manager of Sales and Marketing at CJD Equipment, says a shift to more sustainable equipment is imminent for the quarry industry.

How has CJD Equipment performed since last year this time?

We’ve continued to have solid results over the last 12 months. CJD Equipment is fortunate to be involved in an industry that has been far less affected than other industries during the pandemic. We have been able to maintain our operations and maintain the livelihoods of all our dedicated staff.

What predominant factors drive demand for construction machinery in the quarrying industry?

One of the main drivers for construction machinery has been the government’s Infrastructure Investment Program, which has created a copious amount of road and infrastructure projects across the country. This investment has led to a growth in demand of raw materials, driving more business for our customers. In the past year, we have also seen a push for more customised machinery specific to its application. Customised machinery is often configured to interact with ever evolving site management tools which benefits sites for productivity, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

How has CJD adjusted to these demand changes?

At CJD Equipment, we have been granted the opportunity to lean on our 30-year partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) to adjust to the demand changes. Volvo CE desires to be an industry leader in this space, and they are continuously looking at ways to adapt to market demands. Volvo is well known for its focus on site and operator safety, providing industry leading offerings. Technologically, we can improve our current range of construction equipment, to ensure continued development in efficiency, safety and application. Through Volvo’s industry leading offerings, we have been able to make a shift towards site management and evolve the productivity services we have to offer – which covers everything from site simulations and EcoOperator training [course] to Connected Maps and a high level of productivity data. In the last 12 months, Volvo has also taken huge strides in electromobility, alternate fuels and fossil free steel. Whilst some of these developments are short term and will be seen in the next 12 months, the shift to sustainable equipment will be a long-term development. We are having several discussions with customers around the journey CJD Equipment and Volvo are on in this space.

What are some of the most popular Volvo CE machines in the quarrying industry?

Some of the more popular machines are the L260H loader, the EC950E excavator along with the A40G, A45G and A60H articulated haulers. We also have seen a number of enquiries or the last 12 months on the R100 rigid hauler.

Has appetite for hybrid machines or alternate fuels increased in view of rising fuel costs?

Yes. We have recently released the Volvo EC300E Hybrid excavator, with more to come. There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes in the area of hybrid machines, motion systems and energy recuperation from Volvo, which we believe will lead to far more significant savings in the future.

With regards to the above, what options does Volvo CE currently offer to customers in Australia?

Currently we have the hybrid EC300E excavator available to customers. The EC300E Hybrid offers the same levels of controllability and performance as the standard EC300E, with up to 15 per cent increase in fuel efficiency and has the ability to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously. We also have the EC250E Hybrid and EC350E Hybrid excavators available as indent order.

What challenges do you foresee for the quarrying industry over short term?

I believe the quarry industry will continue to have challenges in staffing, human resources and machine availability. However, I think the biggest challenge is the journey into electro-mobility, alternate fuel, automation and sustainability. I think equipment manufacturers, dealers and customers alike know the world is evolving. The journey to bring that to Australia and the quarry industry could, at times, be long and confusing, with new processes and directions. The exciting part is that we as an industry can play a positive role in building the world we want to live in.

How can CJD assist the extractive industry with meeting these future challenges?

CJD and Volvo CE can continue to assist the industry through the continued refinements of existing products, the implementation of new technology and electric construction equipment. This in turn will assist with developing more sustainable products, along with world-class site management, productivity support and packages, to ensure safety and productivity for those in the quarry industry.

Finally, any forecasts or promises from CJD Equipment for 2023?

One of CJD Equipment’s major targets will be to commercially launch the Volvo electric range of compact excavators in the next 12 months. We are very excited about this project. We also plan to spend a lot of time working with our quarry customers in the areas of site management and productivity services. We will continue to provide the high-quality products, service and support that the quarry industry has come to expect from CJD Equipment and Volvo CE.

For more information about Volvo CE products and CJD’s programs and services, visit: www.cjd.com.au

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