SA quarry use extension granted to Boral


Boral has announced that the company has successfully secured a lease extension of up to 140 years for their operations at Linwood Quarry.

The quarry is located in the Adelaide foothills at suburban Seacliff, adjacent to the historic site of Australia’s first Portland cement works, opened at Brighton by the former Adelaide Brighton Cement, now known as Adbri, in 1882.

Quarrying first began at the site in 1882 to provide raw material (limestone) to the nearby Brighton Cement Works. By 1892, this operation had become The South Australian Portland Cement Company Limited.

In 1956, Quarry Industries Ltd took over operations at Linwood. This company was in turn purchased by Boral, with Linwood becoming part of the portfolio in 1994.

During ownership through Boral, the focus for the operation has been the production of high quality road-base aggregates.

The Linwood site incorporates landholdings which are both owned by Boral, and leased from other landowners in return for royalties. A number of private mines and small extractive mineral leases allow quarrying on these lands.

The quarry is bordered by the City of Marion Golf Club to the north east, itself having been originally formed on the original South Australian Portland Cement Company workings.

Currently, the Boral Linwood Quarry employs 30 full time staff and provides work for up to 80 contractors and transport workers. Many employees reside in the City of Marion within which the quarry is located.

During 2015, the quarry was identified as a ‘strategic mineral resource’ through the Resource Management and Planning (RAMP) report prepared for the South Australian Government.

Through its operation, the quarry has been acknowledged by the industry for its leading practices, receiving two Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) recognitions in 2015.

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