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Adbri extends supply contract with Alcoa


Adbri has announced that the company’s subsidiary, Cockburn Cement, has extended its quicklime supply arrangement with US company Alcoa.

The agreement – originally due to expire in January 2023 – has been extended until the end of October 2024 and is on similar terms and conditions to the current contract.

Quicklime, also known as calcium oxide, is an essential compound used in both the steel and aluminium industry, as a flux for purifying steel and to beneficiate ore to obtain alumina for the production of aluminium.

Additionally, quicklime has a use in the construction industry, being in the production of bricks & mortar, concrete panels and as an ingredient in plastering.

Cockburn Cement is a leading supplier of cement and lime to WA’s mining, agriculture and construction industries, with a total lime production capacity in excess of one million tonnes.

Adbri Interim Chief Executive Officer Mark Irwin spoke on the extension of the agreement and how the continuing partnership between the two companies is expected to be beneficial.

“Adbri welcomes the extension of the quicklime supply contract with Alcoa and looks forward to the long term partnership continuing between Alcoa and Cockburn Cement,” Irwin said.

“The contract extension reinforces Adbri’s ongoing lime strategy which is underpinned by its reliable domestic supply of quicklime to the alumina, mining and industrial minerals industries across Western Australia, supporting local manufacturing and employment.”

Alcoa is a US based aluminium company with operations within WA, that serve the purpose of mining bauxite which is then refined into alumina and then manufactured into aluminium.

The company’s WA operations produce nearly 50% of Australia’s alumina and directly employ around 4000 people.

For more information on the agreement, visit the Adbri and Alcoa websites.

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