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Volvo CE introduces collision mitigation system for wheel loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched its collision mitigation system for Volvo wheel loaders – an automatic braking feature that supports operator response and helps reduce the risk or consequences of collision when working in reverse.

The new Volvo collision mitigation system assists operators while working in reverse and automatically applies service brakes when the wheel loader approaches any obstacle, alerting the operator to take further action.

The new collision mitigation system is not designed to ever replace safe operator behaviour, but it is a smart tool to further enhance job site safety. With wheel loaders spending an average of 40-50 per cent of their time being driven in reverse, the collision mitigation system is a valuable solution for operators and site managers.

The Volvo Group is committed to safety with its Zero Accident Vision, which is based on the understanding that traffic safety requires systematic work from the combined effort of many stakeholders.

“We at Volvo CE continue to proactively develop intelligent solutions which not only mitigate the consequences of accidents but strive to avoid them altogether. This new Collision Mitigation System is one important part of our work to reduce the risk of accidents and help fulfil our commitment towards zero accidents,” Lars Eriksson, Global Product Manager for wheel loaders at Volvo CE said.


With this new system, Volvo CE customers are moving a step closer to not only eliminating accidents, but also reducing any unplanned interruptions that can be incurred during those avoidable knocks and bumps.

It works by identifying when there is a risk of collision and responding by automatically activating the brakes for 2-3 seconds to slow the machine down prior to impact or bring it to a stop to avoid it. This initiation of the braking alerts the operator to intervene.

And for seamless stockpiling operations, the system will remember the last slope the machine climbed, allowing operators to reverse down a pile without activating it. It can also be temporarily deactivated for specific site conditions.

Functioning only when the wheel loader is in reverse and driving at speeds of between 3-15 km/h, no matter what gear it is in, it serves as a facilitator to job site safety. Even assistance systems like this cannot totally eliminate accidents, which is why Volvo CE advocates for safe operator driving behaviour.


Developed in-house by Volvo CE, the patent-pending collision mitigation system for Volvo wheel loaders is a factory-fit option currently available on the L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H and L200H High Lift wheel loaders.

Requiring a radar detect system to be fitted, it works as an additional system to the existing wide range of features, options and site services provided by Volvo CE for its line of wheel loaders.

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