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Simple maintenance and high discharge from Xylem


The redesigned Godwin Dri-Prime HL300M pump supplied by Xylem offers flow rates to 5550 US gallon per minute (1261 cubic metre per hour) and has the capability of discharge pressures to 235 pound per square inch (psi).

The HL300M can automatically prime to 28 feet (8.5 metres) of suction lift from dry. Automatic or manual starting/stopping is available through integral mounted control panel or optional wireless remote access.

High discharge pressure, dry-running, and portability make the HL300M the perfect choice for mining, industrial and emergency fire backup applications.

Features and benefits include simple maintenance, which is normally limited to checking fluid levels and filters.

Godwin Dri-Prime is a continuously operated venturi air ejector priming device which requires no periodic adjustment or control. It will handle sewage, slurries and liquids with solids up to 45 millimetre (1.8 inch) in diameter.

A close-coupled centrifugal pump with Godwin Dri-Prime system can be mounted to a diesel engine or electric drive. It comes with a dry-running high pressure oil bath mechanical seal, with high abrasion resistant tungsten carbide faces.

The pump has an all cast iron and cast steel construction – with stainless steel option also available – with cast steel impeller.

Standard engines are compliant with regional emissions legislation. Other engine options are available.

For more information, visit www.xylem.com

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