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Polyurethane mats from Red Star the way of the future


Polyurethane (PU) tension mats are used for impact and abrasion-resistant applications, offering longer life, more flexibility and low noise generation during equipment operation.

The water resistance of the PU panel, with the taper apertures, allows for high screening efficiency, making it suitable for all types of materials, from limestone to coal and iron ore.

The average life of PU tension mats is estimated to be up to 3.9 times longer than that of rubber mats, and 8 to 10 times longer than conventional steel screens.

Therefore, the maintenance cost and downtime can be reduced largely. Red Star offers PU tension mats with aperture sizes ranging from five millimetres up to 120 millimetres. Specific designs can be made to suit different screens.

For more information, contact Donghui Li on 0401 459 289, dhlin@hhjv.com.au or visit www.hhjv.com.au

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