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Smarter washing for tougher environments


How 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment is supporting smarter washing solutions from MWS Equipment across Australia.

Offering Australia-wide coverage for one of the most comprehensive sand and aggregate washing portfolios in the industry, 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment (888CSE) has expanded its product line to include stock from MWS Equipment.

One of the world’s leaders in sand and aggregate processing solutions, MWS Equipment’s offerings include the Sandstorm 620, CSP200 (CSP-20), CSP120 (CSP-12), and MWS S190 tracked wash plants.

The above plants are currently available for purchase through 888CSE and are ready for immediate delivery to sites across Australia.

Offering flexible purchasing options, 888CSE has plants available for sale, hire and hire-buy options. Low-cost finance options are also available through the company’s approved third-party finance brokers.

To deliver on the Australia-wide promise, MWS Equipment has stocks on both the east coast and the west coast of Australia, where plant viewings can be arranged by appointment.

The company says through this arrangement, a complete sand washing plant can be delivered to site within realistic timeframes, decreasing the time between purchase and the initial operation of the plant.


Further enhancing its offering for customers, 888CSE provides the option for polyurethane screen decks to be selected and fitted to the Sandstorm to suit the specifications of the site. This ensures the end-user can immediately use the plant after installation.

The Sandstorm has been developed with features for optimised production, easier maintenance access, reduced servicing intervals and with the intent of meeting Australian energy standards. The plant is also fully electric powered.

With the option to provide a split sand product, the MWS Sandstorm modular washing solution can make both coarse and fine sand product, depending on the suitability of the feed material. It can handle up to 450 tonnes per hour (tph) of mixed sand or aggregate. 

Alternatively, the plant can also be set up to provide high capacities of a single sized sand, with 150-200tph of sand production as standard. Outputs as high as 400tph of washed sand are achievable with additional 888CSE upgrades to the standard plant.

The MWS CSP-12 wash plant is supplied and supported by 888CSE in Australia.


A large 20-foot-by-six-foot triple deck screen with five conveyors allows the production of up to three separate aggregate sizes, as well as one or two sand products.

The capacity of the Sandstorm 620 varies depending on feed material and the required product sizes. The team at 888CSE can assist in the selection of equipment, with consideration for specific performance requirements.

Smaller Sandstorm plants are also available with lower capacities through request.

Where required, the tracked S190 rinser and the CSP-12/CSP-20 (CSP120/CSP200) plants offer the flexibility of quicker set-up and easier portability. Standard woven wire mesh decks can also be fitted to the S190 tracked rinser for faster set-up.


Previously, 888CSE has installed Aggstorm plants in Australia. The plant is equipped with built-in log washer technology to produce scrubbed, clean aggregate from high clay content feed material. The Aggstorm can be configured to handle construction and demolition, as well as quarried aggregate materials.

A large MWS Aggstorm plant has been successfully installed by 888CSE in one of the country’s leading skip bin and recycling companies.

If required, both the Sandstorm and Aggstorm plants can be equipped with a complete water treatment package with thickener tank, automated floc dosing system and freshwater storage. The addition of a filter press can, in certain cases, reduce water requirements by up to 90 per cent.

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