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Final major contract awarded for Western Sydney metro build


Jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments, the biggest infrastructure build in New South Wales has had the third contract awarded for the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport line.

The airport to metro build will serve to provide faster and more reliable metro rail services for locals and visitors to Greater Western Sydney.

The Parklife Metro consortium has been selected to deliver the Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) contract for the project, following competitive tendering process.

The consortium is planned to construct all six new metro stations between St Marys and the new Aerotropolis, and will be responsible for running the new Western Sydney Airport line for 15 years after it becomes operational.

The contractors will also deliver a stabling and maintenance facility at Orchard Hills, and provide rail infrastructure and systems for the supply, commissioning and operation of a fleet of 12 new metro trains.

Cutterhead arrival for the Sydney Metro West project.

Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said that the project is set to provide both an environmental stimulus and support for state employment.

“The Australian Government is committed to delivering vital infrastructure for Western Sydney as part of a genuine partnership between levels of government that will enhance liveability and support the growth of industry and enterprise,” King said.

“This project will connect commuters and travellers with the new Western Sydney International Airport, providing major economic stimulus and supporting more than 14,000 jobs during construction.

“Having the project certified carbon neutral from construction to operation is a huge tick as the Albanese Government works towards emission reduction targets of 43 per cent by 2030, and net zero by 2050.

The Australian and NSW Governments are working together to deliver the city-shaping Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport line to coincide with the opening of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport in 2026.

The total project cost will be around $11 billion.

New South Wales Transport, Veterans and Western Sydney Minister David Elliott said that the project is the best outcome for the people of New South Wales.

“The NSW Government is delivering metro services to this key growth area in order to achieve the best outcomes for the people of Greater Western Sydney,” Elliot said.

“World-class metro services will be a game-changer for Sydney’s Greater West in every sense and this final contract is key to making that a reality.

“The SSTOM contract has the largest scope of any Sydney Metro contract awarded to date and is the largest Public Private Partnership contract awarded in New South Wales.

“We are already seeing plenty of activity underway as part of this new mega project, including preparations at the future Aerotropolis Station for tunnelling from the airport to the Aerotropolis site, which will commence in the first half of 2023.”

The awarding of the final contract coincides with another significant project milestone, with Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport becoming the first rail infrastructure project in Australian history to commit to being certified carbon-neutral from the start of construction through to operation.

All carbon emissions generated during construction and operation will be reduced and offset.

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