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Tutt Bryant debuts Jonsson products for heavy-duty mobile crushing

Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant has expanded its Metso Outotec offering to include the Jonsson range of heavy-duty, track- mounted crushing and screening plants.

Metso Outotec’s subsidiary, Jonsson, a Swedish manufacturer of heavy- duty mobile crushing and screening products, now has a home in Tutt Bryant Equipment, Australia’s exclusive distributor of Metso Outotec mobile products.

Earlier this year, Tutt Bryant signed a deal with Metso Outotec to distribute Jonsson’s products in Australia, which adds to a broad range of fixed and mobile equipment already represented by Tutt Bryant.

Tutt Bryant is Metso Outotec’s leading distributor for mobile equipment sales globally, including Metso Outotec Lokotrack, Nordwheeler and Nordtrack product lines. As of April 2022, they also have a distribution contract for the sale of Metso Outotec’s fixed plant crusher wears, spares, and service support for customers in Australia.

Paul Doran, Tutt Bryant’s business development manager for Metso Outotec products, said the latest deal builds on the long-term relationship between the two companies.

Fit-for-purpose plants

Jonsson designs and manufactures some of the world’s most formidable heavy-duty, track-mounted crushing and screening plants. With crushing equipment in the 70-180 tonne range, these are ideal mobile solution for customers with open quarries or mines in high-capacity, heavy-duty applications.

The Jonsson product range is engineered with e-Power as standard, energised by a diesel generator set onboard or connected directly to the local electric grid, when available.

“The innovative dual power systems of the Jonsson machines make it possible for users to select the most economical power source. That gives users a flexible and very cost- effective solution,” said Doran.

According to Doran, Jonsson’s high- capacity L130 jaw crusher could be particularly interesting for the Australian market. The L130 features Metso Outotec’s C130 bolted jaw crusher for aggressive crushing along the whole length of the cavity.

“Transportability is another feature that makes Jonsson plants suitable for the Australian market,” Doran said. “The L130 jaw crusher weighs about 110 tonnes, which usually requires physical disassembly and reassembly using cranes on site. Jonsson’s innovative chassis design allows the heavy component of the machine to split into smaller or hydraulically-propelled components for transport.”

Jonsson’s L120-330 double crusher featuring Metso Outotec’s C120 jaw and GP330 cone also has Doran admiring the Swedish engineering genius.

“This one’s truly unique in that it includes a pre-screen, C120 Jaw crusher, 330GP cone crusher and a triple deck product screen built on one chassis. The beauty of it is you’ve got one engine/generator driving all the equipment on board,” he said.

“Where a normal provider would give you three diesel hydraulic machines in a jaw crusher, a cone crusher and a screen, Jonsson can provide all of that on one chassis, so you’re only fuelling one generator or plugging it into one mains power. Once again, Jonsson’s design genius enables transportation of the L120-330.”

Jonsson Control System

All Jonsson crushers come equipped with a fleet management system referred to as the “Jonsson Control System”, or JCS for short. This system, Doran said, “sets Jonsson apart when it comes to fleet maintenance and management.”

“This is the best fleet management system I’ve seen,” he said. “JCS allows for multiple different uses. The operator can use cameras mounted on the machine to monitor the material coming into the crusher and going into the screen on a monitor mounted inside the excavator cab.”

Similarly, the system monitors the machine’s performance and enables adjustment functionality, such as stopping the feeder or changing the crushing parameters.

“You can even view manuals that stay updated via the JCS cloud server or check the list of spare parts from inside the cab using JCS,” said Doran.

Another feature Doran believes operators will appreciate is the real-time ability to monitor productivity and generate daily reports and invoices from inside the cab.

“Using the belt scales, you can look at the monitor in the excavator and see how much of each material you are getting through the day. With live monitoring, you can even see the bearing temperatures or how much fuel you are using. It’s incredible how much data is available in the JCS,” he said.

Tutt Bryant
Jonsson’s L130 jaw crusher is suitable for aggressive crushing along the whole length of the cavity.

Ultimately, the data feeds into more efficiency and profitability, he explained.

“If you have a couple of these machines, and you’ve done a couple of projects, and say you were pricing another contract, you will know very accurately how much it will cost to crush that material. So, you’ll accurately know your production costs before putting your price in for the next project. This makes our customers more competitive and therefore more profitable.”

The JCS system also comes in handy for maintenance.

“If there’s a problem with the machine, the operator can ring the Tutt Bryant Equipment service guys, and they can look at the machine virtually through this system and see what alarms have come up and what the sensors are telling them. The technician can analyse diagnostic data to help the operator get the machine back to running.”

Customised options

The ability to customise the plant as per customer requirements is a bonus, according to Doran.

“Another exciting aspect about Jonsson is that their experienced engineering team can tailor the plant to your specific requirements, even changing the colour to suit your company’s branding,” he said.

“Jonsson has come up with some smart, simple design features based on customer feedback about how to make these machines high capacity, but still transportable. The machinery’s built-in transportability reduces the time required for shifting between projects sites.”

Doran said Tutt Bryant was excited about the new opportunities presented by the partnership.

“These are arguably the best crushers in the world, particularly for the serious operators at the big end of town. Having extended our partnership with Metso Outotec, we plan to continue our great performance in serving customers with this innovative range, with an eye on operational sustainability.”

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