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Hydraulic hybrid from Volvo is a helping hand


A more environmentally conscious version of the previous Volvo EC300E excavator, the new Hybrid model operates with a diesel engine that is aided by the innate mechanics of the hydraulic system operating within the machine.

National product manager for Volvo equipment at CJD, Hayden Grant, spoke to Quarry on the new features and capabilities of the Hybrid EC300E excavator.

Apart from Volvo’s well known and standard features, such as the cab design, visibility and comfort, machine performance and safety, the Hybrid system is unintrusive and easy to use, Grant said.

“You need to simply have the ECO mode switch on and away you go,” he said. “All the operators would see on the dashboard is a small symbol stating that the Hybrid system is working and how much charge is available.”

How it works

An uncomplicated and reliable solution, Volvo’s hydraulic hybrid harvests the ‘free’ energy generated by the downward motion of the excavator’s boom and uses it to assist the engine.

The result is up to 17 per cent increase in fuel efficiency while delivering all the power and performance expected from a conventional EC300E.

The powerful and regular boom-down motions charge the 20-litre hydraulic accumulator, which then delivers energy to drive the hydraulic assist motor that helps to power or assist the engine.

The new generation of the Volvo diesel engine makes use of Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology (V-ACT) to deliver lower emissions, superior performance and fuel efficiency.

Employing high pressure fuel injectors, turbo chargers and intercoolers, and electronic engine controls, the engine has tools that deliver benefits to the end user of the machine.

Reduced emissions

According to Grant, the EC300E Hybrid reduces CO2 emissions by up to 15 per cent, making it a more environmentally respectful choice, especially when working in built-up areas. 

The excavator also promises rapid payback when working in dig and dump applications.

There are the same levels of controllability and performance as the standard EC300E, including the ability to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously.

The EC300E Hybrid is only available from CJD and according to Grant, is currently in stock.

“The Hybrid option is also available on the EC250E and EC350E as indent orders,” he said. “As the Hybrid is new to our line up, it is not available for rental at this stage,” he added.

CJD is an Australian company with 20 branches across the country.

“Over 100 field service staff and 150 workshop staff, plus 15 resident field service technicians are available to assist clients any time,” said Grant. 

“Our over 20 product support personnel and aftersales support staff are also ready to have afterhours call out services, 24 hours, seven days a week.”

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