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Terex Washing Systems are optimised for water savings

Terex Washing Systems

With a vast number of different environments across Australia comes different requirements for quarries. Offering bespoke washing solutions, Terex Washing Systems has worked with Karreman Quarries to create a plant which closely matches the needs of the quarry.

Working with customers to provide an end-to-end washing solution that fits the needs of the operation is an integral part of the role filled by quarry equipment companies.

Factors that range from water accessibility, environmental conditions and average aggregate volume all need to be considered when wash plants are installed.

This attention to detail is where Terex Washing Systems shines.

With the recently completed Karreman installation, sales manager for Terex Washing Systems Ben Willcox said the company was able to provide a sand washing solution with innovative technologies that solve problems, where they may exist.

“We design our plants around the customers’ specific needs, allowing them to process a variety of materials. As such, the plants are able to take a full range of materials,” Willcox said.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that you can have a 40-tonne articulated dump truck or a vacuum truck or even a full dredge operation dumping material into the wash plant. Our systems are designed to increase efficiency and minimise downtime.”

With over 60 years of experience in delivering washing plant equipment, Terex Washing Systems has the history with not just the quarrying industry, but also the Australian environment, to deliver quality results.

Building and providing in house thickeners and filter presses, such as the TWS Deep Cone Thickener and the AquaClear Filter Press ranges, usable water retention is a factor that Terex Washing Systems values very strongly. 

“The AquaClear water management system that we offer includes a closed loop water system with a Deep Cone system working alongside our filter presses. This allows recovery of 95 per cent of the plant’s water,” said Willcox.

“Karreman is based in Harlin, Queensland a region that has access to water, but also has an interest in preserving that water. With that in mind, we worked with the team to replace their old equipment, keeping in mind their need for water recycling.”


The installation at Karreman Quarries includes the AggreSand 206 Greenline that features the ability to double wash sand. Through the use of separators, it can fine tune the screening of the washed material to deliver the maximum quantity of end product: two grades of sand – fine and coarse – and three aggregates.

“We aim to have higher recovery of sand, with our plants available to recover sand as small as 40 microns,” Willcox said, “We are continually innovating and developing our products to give the best quality end products and efficiencies as possible to our users.”  

The FM UltraFines Recovery Unit is one of solutions that Terex Washing Systems offer and it has the ability to recover sand down to 40 microns and prevent the very fine grains of sand from entering into the tailings dams with the unusable materials.

“Ultimately we want our customers to be able to wash more tonnes and spend less time digging out silt ponds, which invariably saves time and money.”

Product waste can be recycled and reclaimed into a saleable product through the equipment range offered as part of the full plant installations by Terex Washing Systems that work to effectively maximise the quantity of product on the ground.

In turn, the systems offered can produce any range of sand, from concrete and asphalt sand, to more specialist sand like golf course and frac sand. Similarly with aggregates, conglomerated, clay bound material can be scrubbed into clean aggregates usable in high strength and high-rise concrete.

“We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs with the options available for a full bespoke plant,” Willcox said. 

“Any materials that need washing, we can offer a solution for. We offer Hydrocyclones which are the most efficient in the market, that in turn maximise yield and minimise the losses to pond. We can then further customise the cyclone configuration to maximise valuable material recovery.”

Terex Washing Systems
Terex AggreSand 206 Greenline allows for more tonnes to be processed, with less time digging out silt ponds.

The Karreman experience

The Karreman plant was designed with these company values of Terex Washing Systems in mind, with the AggreSand 206 Greenline providing throughput that exceeded initial commitments and the plant being designed with easy maintenance in mind. Australian-owned and operated for 50 years, Karreman Quarries has been able to live through the benefits of the longwashers and full water management solution, available via the closed loop system that Terex Washing Systems provides.

Quarry had the chance to speak to Ben Karreman, quarry manager at Karreman Quarries, on his experience with both the equipment from Terex Washing Systems and the support from the company.

“The main differences we had from our old plant to the AggreSand 206 Greenline, aside from the obvious differences to be expected from going from old to new, were that the cyclones were much more efficient and there was a definite ease of access for us to adjust the cyclones on the run,” Karreman said.

“Having increased accessibility to the screen decks with the roll-away discharge chute, and the forward thinking shown by Terex Washing Systems for maintenance on the pumps, with their wheel out capability, are things that are going to have long lasting benefits for our operation.”


With the cost of unplanned downtime being a significant loss of profits for businesses, Terex Washing Systems has had maintenance and long lasting parts in mind.

With high quality, long lasting rubber being used in the company’s pumps and cyclones, together with durable components in bearings and connective elements, Willcox said unscheduled maintenance can be kept to a minimum.

“Our machines and their internal components are designed to last and to help our customer base meet the targets that they need to hit.”

Terex Washing Systems is a designated business function within the wider Terex Corporation, with a dedicated team and factory facility that focus solely on washing.The team can then call on the wider Terex family for crushing, dry screening, staking or recycling equipment.

Terex Washing Systems
The AggreSand 206 Greenline plant produces two grades of sand – fine and coarse – and three aggregates.


Covering all aspects needed for a sand washing operation, Terex Washing Systems offers has the ability to offer full tailored solutions, or modular solutions for plants, as needed by the quarry.

“Whether it’s the full AquaClear water management system, or just a logwasher, we can provide that and work with previously built and installed elements,” Willcox said.

“Additionally, our Terex Washing Systems’ Logwashers are proven to be able to put more energy into the stone with our shaft and hull design. With consistent innovation and a customer focused mindset, Terex Washing Systems can cleanly and efficiently wash aggregate products whilst holding the hands of customers to any after service that may arise during and after the installation of a plant. We pride ourselves in our unrivalled service and aftercare support with dedicated Terex facilities across Australia.”

Echoing the commitment Terex Washing Systems has to providing bespoke, purpose-fit solutions for customers, Karreman said that for the installation of the washing plant, any issues faced in the organisational and installation process were accommodated for through constant communication.

“Terex Washing Systems consulted with us every step of the way on the design and build and accommodated any changes as needed.  They dealt with all aspects promptly,” Karreman said. 

“There is a clear advantage with the Terex Washing Systems plant when it comes to its ability to wash our product to both ours, and our customers’ specifications.”

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