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Polo Citrus helps to effectively control dust on site

Polo citrus

Polo Citrus is continually listening to its customers, to better service their needs and improve solutions.

With service a priority, Polo values developing personal relationships with customers and come to the discussion with a wealth of industry knowledge. 

Each installation is different – the material, the weather, the machinery and the staff. Polo Citrus looks at all these factors and works with its customers to provide the most effective solution to their dust problem. 

Providing real time feedback and reporting, Polo values its customer base, with the goal to make life convenient for customers. 

The commitment to maintenance ensures that businesses are meeting Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory guidelines and regulations by protecting staff, communities and equipment with environmentally friendly products. 

Polo Citrus’ reporting system additionally provides companies with an emailed record showing before and after results and any repairs completed, which is completed on site in real time with photos and data. 

Ultimately, this preventive maintenance helps to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned issues that can cause downtime. 

Providing customer-focused tools to enable buyers to focus efforts on other areas of their business, Polo Citrus has introduced a yearly maintenance program, which includes:

  • priority service
  • three or more pre-paid service visits a year
  • no extra travel costs if serviced in allotted time frame
  • fixed pricing
  • audit service history
  • expert support
  • exclusive discounts and promotions.

As the company continues to develop the product range, Polo Citrus’ research and customer feedback determined that, on some sites, the dropping of material into the primary area is a source of fugitive dust, as business development manager of Polo Citrus Debbie MacDonald told Quarry.

“Before the Polo Citrus Foam is able to coat the rock, we have found that uncontrolled dust impacts the work being done on site,” MacDonald said.

“The Polo Citrus HP Spray add-on system solves this by tapping into existing air and water supplies, to provide a water curtain over the area to keep the dust contained.” 

The design of the spray add-on system by Polo means that there are only a few nozzles, providing fine droplets with less water and greater energy due to the increased air pressure, making it highly effective at controlling dust at the drop point. 

“By using high pressured water, less water is used and as it is only administered at the beginning of the process. Polo Citrus dust suppression foam then does the hard work, ensuring the dust is kept with the rock until the end,” MacDonald explained.

“Our R&D team have been working on these complements to our existing products, which utilise the existing infrastructure whilst maintaining the Polo Citrus ideals of minimum water consumption in the crushing process.”

Haulage DC

Haul roads and stockpiles with dust lift-off also create unnecessary headaches for many Polo Citrus customers. 

The citrus-based Haulage DC product reduces the surface tension of water, allowing water to penetrate more quickly and deeper into the roads it is applied to. Additionally, Haulage DC also contains technology additives that help retain water in the ground and therefore reduce evaporation. 

Working with regular application on every water tank load, the penetrating characteristic of Haulage DC reduces pothole creation and corrugation or runoff ruts in roads.  

Haulage DC is biodegradable, non-irritating, and safe for humans, animals and insects. 

“A number of the regular customers using Haualge DC have given feedback that they require automatic dosing of the Haulage DC at the standpipes to ensure the safety of their staff around the truck and equipment,” MacDonald told Quarry. 

“Often there is no power source at the standpipe to connect a dosing pump to. So, as a service to our customers, we have connected with a supplier to provide a solar powered dosing station.

“We know our expertise lies in the development and production of environmentally-friendly solutions for dust control, and as such, we are happy to leave the solar power systems in the capable hands of their suppliers and not inflate the pricing by becoming the middleman.”

Polo Citrus is focused on providing highly effective dust suppression, readily available to businesses of all sizes.

Through making solutions affordable, Polo Citrus uses industry knowledge to design systems and work with their customers to customise the best solution.

For more information, visit: www.polocitrus.com.au

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