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Puma Bitumen paves the way


Puma Bitumen’s Precoat 306 has been specifically formulated to pre-treat aggregate used in sprayed seal road surface applications.

The product ensures optimal stone retention by creating a durable bond between the binder and aggregate, which ensures excellent priming of the stones.

The superior adhesion of the binder to each aggregate particle subsequently enhances the lifespan of the road and as a result, quality, longevity and the overall road surface performance improves as stone loss is reduced.

Customers across Australia are pleased with the results they achieve using Puma Bitumen’s products. 

“We have used Puma Bitumen Precoat 306 twice now and have found it to be excellent – the service to get it to us has been spot on,” Champion Contracting (Stonehenge Quarry) director Julie Champion said.

“As for the product, we have found it to be very easy to use. It flows well and the colour is perfect. 

“Lastly the price is very competitive and Puma is an easy company to deal with.”

For more information, visit the Puma, at pumaenergy.com/bitumen

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