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Xylem supplies water-tight solutions for quarrying activities


Providing equipment for water treatment, transport and dewatering in quarrying sites, Xylem provides purpose-fit equipment that suits any point of the water lifecycle in quarries. 

Quality water management systems that complement energy requirements on-site is a consistent need for quarries.

As standards and commitments change within the industry, so do needs for energy sources, with diesel and petrol-based machinery being phased out in favour of electric and diesel-electric hybrid equipment.

Speaking on the unique challenges faced by quarries when it comes to facilitating water solutions in areas where energy infrastructure may be lacking or underdeveloped, product and application manager for Godwin products at Xylem Jordan Thomson-Larkins provided an insight into the offerings from Xylem that help businesses in transition from diesel to electric.

“You don’t always have the electric infrastructure available to drive an electric unit and that’s something we’re acutely aware of,” Thomson-Larkins said. 

“And as such, diesel units offer a portable and backup solution. They’re a completeunit in regards to the fact that they don’t require electricity to be online, so they’re always an option as a backup system in that sense.

“But even though that’s how things have been done previously, innovations in the industry have happened. Though the market will still rent diesel units for temporary use, through what we’ve heard from our customers, they’re moving towards only purchasing electric assets.

“We’re designing our equipment with the capability to work with diesel, but with a retrofit option built into the unit, ready for customers to switch to electric when the time comes for them.”

Taking into account the needs of customers, Xylem is not simply moving with the market when it comes to providing electric-powered solutions.

Innovating and looking to the future when pump sets are set to be solely electric-powered, Xylem is ensuring that the products it supplies are suited for that renewable future.

Additionally, the Xylem Godwin product range passes savings directly to customers when it comes time for the change to electric.

Continuing to supply existing diesel- driven pump sets the Godwin product range has infrastructure in place with the ability change the motor, rather than the whole unit, allowing units to be meet standards at a fraction of the cost of replacing entire pump sets.

“The Godwin units will have the provision available for the transition to electric power in the future when the infrastructure is available,” Thomson-Larkins told Quarry.

“You can take the diesel engine off, put an electric motor on and operate the pump that way instead.

“There are challenges that come with electric, as it requires unique control logic, which would typically be in the diesel engine controller, whereas now it’s going to be on a separate panel.

“But, incorporating all that is required to run the new electric-based motor into the upgraded part that works with the pre-existing pump is part of our offering. There’s a lot that goes into moving to electric, but we have made the transition as easy as possible.”

Providing solutions for a greener future, Xylem has the products and the plans in place to allow businesses to behave more sustainably.

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