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Epiroc adopts global standard for charging vehicles

Epiroc has joined the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN) to work with other industrial leaders to employ combined charging system (CCS) technology in electric vehicles utilised in mining and other industrial applications.

Epiroc is one of the the first original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to provide a full range of electric vehicles and charging solutions in the mining industry and related extractive industries and plans to bring in field experiences and technical knowhow to CharIN.

The adoption of CCS standardises the connections and charging for electric and battery operated vehicles, allowing for more widespread use of renewable vehicles due to accessibility.

The electrification solutions from Epiroc currently support mining customers globally as they transition towards using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

CharIN is a global association with over 280 members dedicated to promoting interoperability based on the CCS as the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds.

CharIN also seeks to increase the usability and systems agnostic use of charging for electric vehicles, which has relevance for the quarrying and aggregates industry as hybrid and full BEV vehicles become more viable options on site.

Epiroc’s operations manager Lina Jorheden said that the work being done in conjunction with CharIN and other industry leaders would help connect Eprioc and other companies to an international standard of charging.

“The decision to join CharIN connects us to an international standard of charging, which makes us unique in the industry,” Jorhden said.

Epiroc offers a wide and comprehensive fleet of underground BEV and has a circular, sustainable offering that also includes recycling of equipment and batteries.

The approach of CharIN extends to encompass both passenger vehicles and industry vehicles, with its international community comprised of leading global companies representing every link to the e-mobility value chain and multiple experts who work together to drive the requirements of charging all kinds of electric vehicles.

CharIN is a non-profit organisation and open to any company worldwide being involved in the business around e-mobility accessibility.

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