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End of year auctions feature quarrying equipment

quarrying equipment

Smith Broughton Auctioneers has opened expressions of interest (EOI) for two separate end of year machinery auctions.

Ranging from trucks and excavators available in the end of year truck & machinery auction, sale number 1094, and light vehicles in the end of year light vehicles and trailers auction, sale number 1106, both have multiple pieces of high quality used equipment suited for quarrying applications.

The sales are timed auctions, with the following open dates for bidding;Sale begins

Sale #1106: Auction opens, 9:00am WST on 6th December 2022

Sale #1094: Auction opens, 9:00am WST on 7th December 2022

Sale ends

Sale #1106: Sale ends, 12:00pm WST on 14th December 2022

Sale #1094: Sale ends, 12:00pm WST on 13th December 2022

A timed auction through Smith Broughton is conducted completely online and allows buyers to bid when convenient, the timed auctions additionally allow for extended bidding and maximum bids.

The sales team at Smith Broughton has specific and extensive expertise in the management of the equipment categories they specialise in. Working with clients in understanding and delivering upon their key asset realisation objectives with a focus on building mutually beneficial long term business relationships based upon trust, integrity and results.

This approach has resulted in Smith Broughton Auctioneers as being regarded as the preferred company for many for online machinery auctions in Australia.
Inspection of the units is available from 8:00am WST 6th December and 8:00am WST 7th December through to 4:30pm WST 13th December and 4:30pm WST on 14th December, for sales 1106 and 1094 respectively, at 21 Military Road, Midland WA.

EOI for the sale of these machines must be submitted prior to the start of sale date specified, at 9am WST. All offers are kept confidential from other buyers.

For more information on the machines and auction details, click here.

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