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Precisionscreen premiers PLC Pugmill options


Representing core principles of designing and manufacturing Australian-made machines that are reflective of the Australian conditions and the expectations of Australian customers, Precisionscreen has announced a number of additions to its comprehensive range of products.

With the goal in mind to overcome the technical, operational and mechanical problems of customers, PrecisionScreen has maintained a position of high quality throughout the years.

Supporting mobile screening, washing, crushing and recycling equipment for the quarry industry, as well as many other material-based industries, Precisionscreen is proudly Australian-owned and operated, with installations in place nationally and internationally, in 15 countries.

Providing new offerings for the programmable logic controller (PLC) Pugmill range, Precisionscreen aims to offer cost-effective bulk material storage solutions that work with pre-existing Precisionscreen products, with further offerings coming online in late 2022.

Expanding on the new options available, chief operating officer Jonny McMurtry spoke to Quarry about how these new additions to the line offered by Precisionscreen serve to benefit customers.

“The Precisionscreen bin feeder expands on our PLC Pugmill range and includes a cost-effective option to our bulk storage HTS and CTS 50-tonne silo range,” McMurtry said.

“The bin feeder provides a new way of loading bulkier bags or additives into our on-board additive bins, which is part of our PLC Pugmill system.

“Part of our core focus when designing these new additions to our range is to offer ways for quarries and other linked industries to improve their operations and to optimise the products that they can offer.

“In late 2022, we are also offering tracked dolly option for our Pugmill range for increased mobility purposes around site and onto transport floats. This can be adopted to new units and can be adapted to existing PLC units working in the field.”

As one of the sole manufacturers of crushing and screening equipment in Australia, Precisionscreen places a high focus on quality in the design and manufacturing processes. 

Prioritising dependability in businesses aftersales services and technical supportin addition to providing versatility in product modification and adaption based on customer needs, industry expectations and market demands, Precisionscreen has a reputation as being both effective and reliable.

“We take pride in designing and manufacturing Australian machines which are reflective of Australian conditions and customer’s requirements or expectations,” McMurtry told Quarry.

“However, our expertise and reach doesn’t solely benefit Australia.

“We also proudly export a number of machines to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and Pacific Islands, plus countries outside of Australasia, such as Italy, UK and Ireland and USA.”

Recognising that companies are not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach, Precisionscreen is able to provide all ranges of equipment to quarrying operations with different objectives.

PLC Scorpion Pugmill

Offering simplicity without compromise, Precisionscreen continues to offer solutions within an ever-changing and evolving industry, and has done so for the past 36 years.  

This wealth of experience is strongly represented with the newly-released options present in the PLC Scorpion Pugmill.

Precisionscreen’s Scorpion PLC Pugmill has been upgraded with a new bin feeder.

Featuring a 2 cubic metre additive bin, the Australian designed and manufactured PLC Scorpion Pugmill enables users to operate the machine as a batch plant with accurate weighing out of cement allowing for produced cement treated base.

The ability to select different product mixers through the simple push of a button, an automatic start-up feature and user-friendly interface are all powered through an easy-to-navigate IFM CR1081 control panel.

“The PLC Scorpion Pugmill will include an engine upgrade to the Perkins 1106C engine, that runs 162kW at 2,200 RPM, and a hydraulics and PLC control system,” McMurtry said.

“We’ve put a lot of focus into the user-friendly interface of this model, with automatic start-up and the ability to change out product mixers easily.

“The machine also has our new clam shell design for the pug head. It is fitted with the same high drive and production capabilities of the Precisionscreen pug head with the added benefits of ease of cleaning and maintenance with hydraulic operated clam shell doors. The new quoted price on the unit include the clam shell doors and the 162kW engine upgrades, which previously were add-on options.”

Customised approach

Versatile in application, the diversity of machines manufactured by Precisionscreen allow the company to equally service hard or soft rock quarries, in addition to having applications for open cut and underground mining activities.

“We look at a customer’s applications and are able to offer a tailored approach to the machines or services we can offer, based on their current and future requirements,” McMurtry said.

“Resources and aggregates such as iron ore, bauxite, coal products, sands and soils, through to varied elements such as gypsum, opals and quartz – we have the product range and the capability to offer equipment for all materials.”

Keeping abreast of the demands of the industry, Precisionscreen seeks to stay ahead of the market.

As processes shift and change, with advancements in technology, the demands for wet and dry screening of material have remained mostly the same. However, new practices that involve the blending of products have started to become more common in quarrying.

With the Precision PLC Pugmill, McMurtry offered insight how Precisionscreen is fulfilling these new demands, whilst also providing solutions to operations using wet and dry screening.

“The industry demands and expectations for standards of screening applications have certainly grown as Australian quarries and linked industries are investigating more ways to improve their operations and optimise the products they can offer,” McMurtry said.

“While the demands for wet and dry screening have been consistent with market demands, new practices, such as blending of products using machines like the Precisionscreen PLC Pugmill, has increased.

“Additionally, the recycling of materials and the gain of new products, such as manufactured sands from crushers like the Precisionscreen PV350 tracked VSI, have become increasingly relevant.

“I think it speaks to how much we offer to the industry as we cover everything from washing sands to the removal of silts and organics from materials using our Precisionscreen SRD180 and Fines Recovery Pod. These latter processes also have increased effectiveness, efficiencies and productivity for different quarries and applications.”

Mark of quality

As an original equipment manufacturer, Precisionscreen is able to back the quality of both the products and service offered for the machines it supplies.

Locally sourcing and using parts within Australia, the repairs and replacements used in Precisionscreen equipment are also Australian-made.

“At Precisionscreen, we pride ourselves on our machines’ reliability in the manufacturing process, with consideration of the end user in mind,” McMurtry said.

“We locally source and use parts and materials from Australian suppliers to ensure that we offer an Australian-made and supported machine for our Australian industries.

“Uniquely, we stock and support all Precisionscreen manufactured and previously sold machines from our extensive QLD warehouse and through our strategic support network of technical contractors, who support and stock Precisionscreen parts for our clients and customers country-wide.

“This commitment to customers helps us to ensure that we always have the parts needed on hand and operators can rest assured that the parts that they are getting are quality and are enabling businesses to get the maximum value out of our machines.”

Looking to the future, Precisionscreen is a standout both locally and internationally for a reason.

Combining simplicity of design in the hands of the user and reliability in the manufacturing process, Precisionscreen ensures that the machines it supplies meet the industry’s high demands of productivity and output while also being efficient and effective in today’s economies. 

Taking into account the feedback from customers, Precisionscreen designed and manufactured the Scorpion Pugmill to match the industry requirements and expectations – a process that required adaption to market demands and adopting customer requests.

“Customers have asked for certain things, and here at Precisionscreen we have listened,” McMurtry said, “evidenced by the fact that we have introduced new units and offer new options for our PLC Pugmill range.

“We are offering increased mobility by track-mounting our current PLC Pugmill and have introduced the new Bin Feeder system to feed cement, lime or other stabilising products to our PLC Pugmills, as a smaller option to our 50-tonne silo range. These products have been developed and introduced to meet and match customers’ requests and expectations for our Australian-designed Pugmill.

“We recognise that not all quarries fit into the same box when it comes to quarrying equipment. We are proud to offer a diverse range of products that fix specific problems and meet different applications that many imported units cannot fulfil or offer.” •

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