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Maxam is focusing on customer solutions


As a global company specialising in energetic materials, Maxam is ready to provide experience, tools, technology and services to help clients perform efficiently and effectively. 

Maxam is a leading provider of integrated blasting solutions to the Australian quarry and construction industry.

The company is home to what it describes as “the largest and most comprehensive national network of operational depots and supply hubs dedicated to providing explosive products and specialist services to over 200 sites nationally”. 

Maxam is focusing on customer solutions, bringing a new perspective to the explosives industry. This new process is based on adding value and helping to reduce customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO) through the intelligent application of explosive energy to drive significant downstream savings in drilling, haulage and crushing costs. 

The company’s best practice process is designed to ensure that desired outcomes are met and risks managed. 

Maxam said this is done via its network of experienced employees – more than 5000 professionals working around the globe – applying solid processes that are supported by advanced design and analysis tools. 

In this way, the company is able to provide experience, tools, technology and services that help clients execute their engineering projects efficiently and effectively. 

Maxam is also able to put its skills and experience to use in much larger projects, including the DigiEcoQuarry – Innovative Sustainable Aggregates Systems project.

Described as “a significant breakthrough in process digitalisation and automation capabilities for the aggregates sector”, DigiEcoQuarry aims to design, develop and validate an innovative quarrying system (IQS) comprising sensors, processes, tools and methods for data capture, processing and sharing to provide integrated digitalised, automatic and real-time process control for aggregates quarries.

As part of its work in the DigiEcoQuarry project, Maxam will develop innovative technologies of its X-Energy platform in a quarry of the Hanson group, a member of the project consortium. 

X-Energy is, according to Maxam, the first solution in the aggregates industry that integrates selective energy application in a fully digitalised mine cycle.

“It combines the most advanced explosives technology in the market (Smart Rioflex) and a set of digital tools for optimised blast design and execution,” the company said. 

“The X-Energy application allows a mine to customise the design and execution of each individual blast and integrate it to the requirements of downstream operations. 

“The benefits in enhanced safety, reduced impact to the environment, optimised rock fragmentation, efficient use of energy, higher production, and reduced costs help mines become more competitive and more sustainable.”

In the context of the DigiEcoQuarry project, X-Energy digitalisation tools like the Maxam Blast Center, X-Logger and RIOBLAST, combined with smart explosives and adaptive delivery systems, will enable quarries to leverage data and the use of selective energy to enhance safety, reduce environment impact, and optimise TCO.

“Maxam is delighted to be part of the DigiEcoQuarry project,” MAXAM’s senior technical advisor Vicente Huelamo said. “We look forward to developing new technologies of our X-Energy platform specifically for the aggregate industry. 

“Our focus would be to improve rock fragmentation, wall damage, ground vibrations, and airblast overpressure. The work will also help improve the performance of downstream operations.” •

Visit maxamcorp.com to learn more. 

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