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Stage V engine debuts in Sandvik Toro Narrow Vein Loader


Upgrading the three-tonne loader for narrow vein applications, Sandvik has unveiled a new Stage V compliant engine that joins the bull family of Sandvik as the Toro LH202.

Previously known as Sandvik LH202, the new Toro LH202 loader is a workhorse designed specifically for narrow-vein underground mining applications.

With its robust structure, very compact size and three-tonne payload capacity, the loader is tailored to meet productivity targets in challenging environments and is optimised to fit tunnel widths between 2 and 2.5 meters to reduce dilution.

In addition to underground narrow vein mines, the Toro LH202 is ideally suited for tunneling applications.

Equipped with the new Stage V engine and relevant options, the loader meets European requirements and is optimal for civil engineering and small-scale construction sites for building new and improving existing infrastructure.

Due to its relatively light weight and the possibility to disassemble the equipment for transport, the Toro LH202 is also ideal for projects located in remote areas with challenging access, making it ideal for remote construction projects.

The machine is available with a new Stage V engine from Deutz.

The engine delivers exceptional MSHA and CANMET ventilation rates with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel while maintaining performance and fuel efficiency.

The Stage V engine after-treatment is a diesel particulate filter, which uses passive regeneration during normal engine operation to oxidise the soot trapped in the DPF core.

Offering another engine configuration, the Toro LH202 can be equipped with a robust, reliable and well-known 50 kW air-cooled turbocharged direct injection diesel engine, also from the engine manufacturer Deutz, with catalytic purifier and muffler.

In addition to traditional fossil diesel fuel, the Stage V engine may also use paraffinic diesel fuels and other biofuels. Contact your Sandvik representative prior to using any alternative blends or fuel to ensure compatability.

Sandvik has recently acquired the mining business from Schenck Process and is in the process of expanding mining operations.

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