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On the double with the John Deere Crawler Dozer

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Quarries are a notoriously rough and rocky worksite, a tough place that requires a dozer that can handle the harsh terrain. Enter the John Deere 1050K Crawler Dozer.

With suspended double-bogie undercarriage that can absorb vibrations caused by rough operating conditions, the 1050K is designed to ride smoother and be more durable than previous models. 

That smooth ride is ideal for operators. According to John Deere, the dozer’s reduction of peak vibrations in the cab by up to 75 per cent helps operators carry on in comfort while moving faster and ultimately boosting productivity. And less vibration equals less component wear.

In addition, extended life and heavy-duty undercarriage options with sealed and lubricated track (SALT) are available to match a customer’s specific application, which helps to make for an even smoother and more productive ride.

The 1050K’s dual-path hydrostatic transmission allows operators to push a full load through turns without losing material, while the John Deere PowerTech engine delivers a strong power-to-weight ratio to provide the traction needed to push more material.

The John Deere final tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV PowerTech diesel engine delivers proven performance in mining, quarrying, roadbuilding, and other large-scale applications. It is also efficient, with the Standard Eco mode maximising fuel economy without loss of performance, automatically adjusting engine RPM and transmission settings based on load to burn up to 15 per cent less fuel depending on application.

This all adds up to users getting more done with minimal extra effort.

In control

The 1050K dozer is designed to be easy on the person in control.

Electro-hydraulic (EH) mean the machine is grade-control ready. This makes adding a system as easy as “plugging in the components, calibrating, and going to work”, according to John Deere.

Low-effort controls command blade curvature, and the full-featured hydrostatic drivetrain helps to deliver predictable response at all times and virtually eliminate jerky or abrupt movements.

An ergonomically correct joystick provides intuitive, low-effort control of steering, direction, and ground speed. The fact the joystick is detented means it doesn’t require an operator’s constant touch or attention, and it employs a thumb-actuated travel-speed-control switch.

In addition, total machine control (TMC) monitor allows the operator select decelerator mode and response, forward/reverse ground-speed ranges, steering modulation, F-N-R shift rate, and forward/reverse speed ratios for improved control.

Let it rip

The 1050K’s rugged rear rippers are configured either as a larger single shank or in a row of three evenly spaced shanks. 

This means operators can choose the style to match the application, whether they’re working in quarrying, mining, roadbuilding, land-clearing, site development, or general earthmoving.

“Heavy-ripping single-shank ripper delivers concentrated force to break up rock, hard packed or frozen soil, and concrete,” John Deere said.

“With an overall beam width of only four feet, eight inches, and maximum penetration of three feet, seven inches, you can get in and dig deep.”

Easy days

The 1050K has been designed to minimise daily maintenance time. 

Large-hinged doors provide access to dipsticks, fill tubes, maintenance-free batteries, and vertical filters, while convenient service points make quick work of the daily routine.

“Easily cleaned cooler design features a standard reversing fan that automatically back-blows the cooler cores at pre-set intervals,” the company explained. “(Users can) simply press a button to actuate the reversing cycle when needed.

“Remote lube banks provide easy access for lubrication of crossbar and C-frame pivots. Separate hydraulic and hydrostatic reservoirs eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.” 

The operator station tilts a full 70° in only minutes for wide open drivetrain-component access. 

With so many of the 1050K crawler dozer’s features having come directly from customer feedback, John Deere has designed a machine suited to the people working the rough and rocky terrain of a quarry site every day. 

The 1050K is a rock-solid machine that will show up day in and day out, ready to tackle the high-production demands of the job. and fitting the company‘s values. Get to work. Stay at work. Enjoy the work.

Visit deere.com.au/en/index.html for more information.

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