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Komatsu PC700LC-11 suitable for productivity and efficiency


Fit for both quarrying and construction work, the PC700LC-11 supplied by Komatsu is able to deliver on all fronts.

Are you looking for a dynamic excavator to suit your quarry or your large civil project? Komatsu’s PC700LC-11 combines powerful digging force with a variety of working modes to maximise productivity and efficiency. 

This unit is in the 70-tonne-class range and has 327kW (439 HP) at its disposal to suit all of your applications. The bucket capacity can be tailored to suit specific on-site material and/or fleet requirements. 

The PC700LC-11 is designed and manufactured by Komatsu Japan and is an integral performance package. The unit comes standard with Komatsu’s Komtrax (remote telemetry system) to ensure easy monitoring of operational performance and usage.

The PC700LC-11 has a host of features to benefit your business and is backed byKomatsu Australia’s service and support network.

Is this the machine for you? To find out more information, visit Komatsu Australia at komatsu.com.au

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