Pumping at depth


Xylem’s HL270 pump is a Godwin product that is primarily used in mining, that satisfies demand for higher pressure watering pumps.

The increasing depth of open-pit mines is creating a demand for higher-pressure watering pumps, but there a few pumps available that can be optimised for such conditions.

That’s where the HL270 comes in.

Designed specifically for open-pit mining, the HL270 is a durable, high-pressure pump that can operate in tough conditions, removing water from deep mines with few to no booster pumps.

It also features a new interchangeable pump end designed to work with existing high-powered engines – it’s a ‘plug and play’ solution.

The HL270 comes with two seal options: mechanical and gland-packed; and two material options: cast steel and duplex. Its improved reliability and safety help to reduce maintenance costs, and remote monitoring and control available via Xylem Field Smart Technology is especially valuable on-site.

More information: www.xylem.com/en-au

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