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Polyurethane tension mats for longer life


Polyurethane (PU) tension mats are used for impact- and abrasion-resistant applications, offering long lifetime, more flexibility and low noise. 

The water resistance of PU panel, with the taper apertures, is also able to achieve a high screening efficiency and is suitable for all types of materials, from limestone to coal to iron ore. 

Generally speaking, the lifetime of the PU tension mat is 3.9 times greater than the rubber one, and 8–10 times greater than the conventional steel screens. 

This means the maintenance cost and downtime can be reduced considerably. 

Hong Hui JV is able to make not only the screen panel, but the specially designed hooks or capping strips, as well as the bolt hold-down system if required. 

More information, contact Hong Hui JV, at hhjv.com.au

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