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CCAA awards cement key players in the industry


Celebrating and encouraging innovation within the construction materials industry, the 2022 winners of the Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) Innovation awards for Queensland were announced on 21 October.

The awards were conferred at the W Hotel, Brisbane, with over 215 guests in attendance to celebrate innovations across the heavy construction materials industry in the Safe & Sustainable Workforces, Sustainable Industry, and Sustainable Products & Services award categories.

In 2022, 19 entries were submitted across the three award categories, with the awards being granted for:

The Innovation Award for Safe & Sustainable Workforces


Hanson Australia PTY LTD – Northern Region Quarries – Realtime RCS Monitoring Program

In partnership with GCG, Hanson has developed a Realtime Monitoring Application (RTM app) for respirable dust assessments. The app provides intelligent dust exposure control management for smarter, faster exposure control decisions, and is an effective solution in delivering timely insights into worker exposure.

Highly Commended:

Hanson Australia PTY LTD – Glasshouse Mountains Quarry – Edge Protection Height Measuring Flag

The Hanson Glasshouse Mountains Quarry team have designed and implemented a simple and practical mechanism to reduce hazard exposure for people on site as well as ensuring that edge protection heights can be constantly monitored by light vehicle drivers

Cement Australia – Digitisation of Cement Australia Fleet Maintenance

Cement Australia has replaced their previous paper-based system with a digital fleet maintenance platform. The result is a fully integrated solution built-around SAP Plant Maintenance and uses a mobile application (MyPM) which captures key maintenance data for planning, execution and maintenance activity analysis.

The Innovation Award for Sustainable Industry

Highly Commended:

Boral – Ormeau Quarry – A Secret Giant’s Survival: Conservation of the Ormeau Bottle Tree

A 30 -year partnership with the North-East Albert Landcare Group has to lead to Boral Ormeau Quarry being able to support, enhance and preserve the very rare Ormeau Bottle Tree for future generations.

Hanson Australia PTY LTD – Coopers Plain Concrete Plant – Buzzing with Excitement to Bee Sustainable

To remedy the issue of diminishing bee species worldwide, Hanson has introduced a colony of native stingless bees (Tetragonula carbonaria) and established a native flower garden at their Coopers Plains concrete plant.

The Innovation Award for Sustainable Products & Services

Highly commended:

Wagners – Gold Coast Wonder Reef – Earth Friendly Concrete by Wagners

Australia’s first floating dive attraction – the Gold Coast Wonder Reef – is also the first underwater attraction utilising Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete. This innovative product saved 100T of embodied carbon emissions and provides superior durability in the marine environment (including acid and sulphate resistance and chloride ion ingress).

Supported by Impact Drill & Blast, Groundwork Plus, Riverside Industrial Sands, Pickles and Hanson, the awards recognised and celebrated the critical areas of health safety and environmental management.

Speaking on the ways in which the CCAA Innovation Awards contribute to making the construction materials industry safer and more in line with the needs of the community, chief executive officer of CCAA, Ken Slattery, reflected on these innovations.

“A new range of challenges have emerged in the post-pandemic world,” Slattery said, “the long term sustainability of our industry depends on ensuring that we maintain a safe, skilled and engaged workforce.”

“Additionally, ensuring that our ongoing operations are world class and are supported by the communities in which we work and live.”

CCAA wishes to congratulate all the award entrants on the efforts presented and continuous contributions to improvement and innovation and thanks its sponsors for supporting the event.

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