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Power in the hands of Powerscreen trained workers


Lincom Group is by your side every step of the way after the acquisition of a Powerscreen from their stock. 

To assist customers in caring for the investment in a Powerscreen and ensuring it performs to the highest standards, Lincom Group hosted a Powerscreen accredited training course for both employees and customers in New South Wales and Queensland.

Providing the skills and knowledge to operate the machinery effectively and safely, Lincom Group demonstrates the commitment to service beyond the sale, with the interactive program offered being guided by the company’s team of industry-qualified trainers and offering the skills and tools needed to understand how to operate and maintain crushing and screening equipment safely.

The on-site training program consists of several units that are engaging and effective at delivering practical knowledge that sticks beyond the session.

Participants had a mix of classroom and hands-on learning on electrical and hydraulic schematics and fault finding with all instructional resources designed by the Powerscreen expert engineers and delivered by trained employees from Lincom Group.

During the equipment walk-through, the participants and trainers were able to share best practices, offering a natural exchange of real-world knowledge. Lincom Group additionally facilitates the discussion of safety features, providing the skills needed to prevent accidents and injuries.

In the end, participants had the ability to walk away with their brand-new skills, the ability to operate their equipment safely, and a lifetime of confidence.

For more information regarding Powerscreens and training, visit Lincom Group at lincom.com.au

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