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Victorian regulator provides update on flood management plans


The Victorian Earth Resources Regulation has released new guidance for an upcoming wet season in Victoria.

Comprehensive flood management plans are now in place for priority quarry sites on the flood plain of north eastern Victoria to protect infrastructure, the environment and local communities.

According to the regulator, dams in Victoria are close to full and a wet spring has been forecast, prompting the Earth Resources Regulation to focus on ensuring operators of quarries on flood plains are fully prepared and have adequate measures in place to mitigate any potential flood impacts.

According to acting executive director of the Earth Resources Regulation, Chris Webb, the regulator is working closely with quarry operators, water managers and emergency services to assess flood preparedness across the sector.

This includes undertaking regular site inspections and keeping a watchful eye on weather forecasts and local waterways.

To find out more information about the regulator, follow the link.

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