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Position Partners increase quarry productivity with loader scales

Position Partners

With a growing emphasis on Chain of Responsibility legislation and improving productivity, access to accurate weight information and keeping track of loads has never been more important, which is where Position Partners come in. 

In the ever-changing marketplace, quarry managers need to ensure that they’re focused on generating the maximum productivity from their quarry and equipment. 

One way to do this is to ensure that they’re loading it right the first-time around.

Using a loader scale such as the Position Partners’ Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale helps to optimise processes, avoid overloading, and keep track of all loads within a certain time frame.

In its basic form, the Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale from Position Partners is a tool to indicate the weight lifted by the loader and loaded into the truck.

From there it evolves into a complete management tool with data storage, Wi-Fi, and internet connections to send the captured data anywhere in the world.

The Loadmaster loader scale was the first loader scale in Australia to gain a patent approval to allow it to be used for trade purposes. 

This loader scale can help quarry managers overcome challenges such as load record keeping, Chain of Responsibility legislation, underutilisation of plant, and equipment matching for productivity.

The key benefits of the Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale solution are its ease of use and that it can be configured to be a basic scale or a fully featured load management recording tool.

This loader scale is also a key tool in the compliance of the Chain of Responsibility legislation. 

Ensure the trucks that leave your quarry are compliant

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has introduced the Chain of Responsibility legislation to ensure that anyone, not just the driver or operator of the heavy vehicle, that has control over the transport task can be held responsible for breaches of road laws and may be legally liable.

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale solution can work for you to ensure that you are not overloading your vehicles and the load record keeping feature of this loader scale means that you can keep track of all your loads within a certain time period. 

This data is then on hand if you need to prove that you did not overload a vehicle.

Loading it right the first time

“Prior to implementing Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scales, quarry managers would be relying on the operators to manually record load data, opening up the risk of human error in relation to weights, truck cycles and what went where,” Position Partners customer success manager weighing Chris Nussey said. 

“Purchasing a Loadmaster is an investment in productivity. 

“Along with increased logging ability of jobs – to be able to recall one particular truck load loaded in the past, say six months, to prove no overload or just the weight loaded if an accident happened is invaluable.”

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scale has a range of stand-out features that set it apart from its competitors. 

Its user interface is straight forward which ensures that new users can be trained to use these loader scales in a very short amount of time.

The Loadmaster also improves the efficiency of operators by removing manual inputs with GPS, barcode reader and RF tag reader.

These attachments allow the operator to automatically select products, trucks, and locations without touching the screen.

Likewise, the Loadmaster’s integrated reverse camera improves safety on the site while improving efficiency.

“Loadmaster also has the ability to be controlled from any computer in the world with an internet connection,” Nussey added. 

“The Position Partners support team is always just a ‘click’ away too.”

Making the loader process easier

The team at Position Partners recognises the important part they can play in ensuring the successful and efficient implementation of new technology, such as the Loadmaster Alpha 100 loader scales, on your site.

“Support is critical and with Position Partners branches in each state we are well positioned to assist,” Nussey said.

“Position Partners can supply after sales support and training packages depending on customers’ requirements. 

“From basic telephone, on-site and remote, ongoing support and training is not far away.”

Partnering with a company that can provide robust support and keep your loader scales running with minimal downtime is crucial to managing your quarry’s productivity and efficiency.

Visit positionpartners.com.au for more information. 

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