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Wagners providing eco-friendly concrete


Wagners Earth Friendly Concrete is now available in Narangba and Coolum batch plants, after upgrades to facilities.

The batch plants run by Wagners that have a long history of supplying concrete to northern Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, now are able to additionally supply the ultra-low-carbon concrete available to order.

The batch plants are located in a prime position to deliver concrete to the active construction markets and meet the growing demand for low-carbon concrete. The Narangba batch plant has already begun supplying Earth Friendly Concrete for pre-cast bridge girders to the Tweed Shire Council and a new two-storey building for Kallangur State School.

The low-carbon concrete offering is unique in it’s composition, due to work the business has put in to ensure that the Earth Friendly Concrete contains zero-cement, which makes it the lowest embodied carbon concrete available. With this taken into account, the Earth Friendly Concrete also has greater structural and durability properties than traditional concrete.

The concrete is aiding to generate a positive impact, as the built environment contributes significantly to global carbon emissions, with cement accounting for an estimated 8%.

By making zero-cement concrete more widely available, Wagners are helping to lead the way to decarbonisation. This is supported by progressive asset owners, specifiers, and builders who have started to migrate away from what has been the norm for hundreds of years.

Speaking on the future growth of the sustainable product, Wagners chief operating officer, Anthony Freer said that the hybrid ability to provide different solutions to customers is a boon for the business.

“We are committed to the future growth of Earth Friendly Concrete as we develop infrastructure to increase our supply capabilities,” Freer said.

“We are pleased that this dual capability will now give us the flexibility to offer our customers traditional concrete as well as an environmentally friendly alternative. Earth Friendly Concrete® contains 70% less embodied carbon than traditional concrete.”

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