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Liebherr hydraulic cylinders allow for safe and efficient force measurement

liebherr hydraulic cylinders

Static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads are able to be measured precisely and dynamically with new sensors developed by Liebherr.

A dedicated sensor made by Liebherr is currently in prototype status, with results showing that it may enable greater efficiency and safety in a wide range of mobile and stationary applications.

When it comes to force-measurement within a cylinder, it is always advantageous, when precise and dynamic values of the forces within the hydraulic cylinder are required.

When monitoring loads in excavators and cranes, this becomes all the more important as measurements taken by sensors can ameliorate dangerous situations during crane operation and increase the efficiency of the machine overall.

When it comes to the sensor made by Liebherr, the internal measuring points track both tensile and compressive forces regardless of lateral forces and torques, as Hans-Peter Laverne, head of advanced sevelopment at Liebherr-Components Kirchdorf GmbH explains.

“The measuring method ensures significantly more precise and dynamic measurement results,” Laverne said.

“This establishes the conditions for higher productivity and safety in daily use in various applications.”

Currently, Liebherr is focusing on a functioning sensor prototype for the force-measurement on the hydraulic cylinder. The sensor itself, stands out in particular due to its high diversity in application with the way it can be applied to a variety of machines in quarrying operations. During the design phase, the Liebherr development team checks and takes into account individual adaptations with regard to the operator’s wishes and needs, which allows Liebherr to offer customised solutions to its customers.

Though a small sensor, the improved force-measurement brings further advantages. These include, for example, an increased performance of assistance systems through optimised sensitivity. Thanks to highly dynamic and precise measurement, longer service life is also possible in the future. This will play a decisive role not only in condition monitoring, but also in downsizing.

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