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The road to success is paved with Puma Bitumen

Puma Bitumen

Puma Bitumen is committed to developing sustainable solutions without comprising on quality.

Puma Energy Bitumen is one of the largest global suppliers and modifiers of high-quality bituminous road binders.

The company has more than half a million tonnes of global bitumen storage capacity and is the largest bulk bitumen shipping fleet in the world, making it one of the strongest suppliers in this space.

It continues to consistently invest in the capacity across its shipping fleet, network of storage terminals and manufacturing facilities.

With an extensive supply chain, rigorous quality management and high-performing products, Puma Bitumen supports its partners and customers across Australia and the globe to deliver better performing roads.

Puma Bitumen operates out of its technical centres in Melbourne, Vic and Cadiz, Spain where it provides product sourcing through to bitumen formulation, production, and application.

This global technical expertise ensures that Puma Bitumen is always adding the maximum value to its customers’ projects.

“Combined, our assets, expertise and global footprint ensures we are the strongest end-to-end supplier of top-quality bitumen into the Australian industry,” Puma Energy Australia bitumen sales manager Anet Prinsloo told Quarry.

In Australia, Puma Bitumen products meet and, in many cases, exceed all Australian specification requirements. Its products can be relied upon to perform under the most diverse and demanding road conditions in Australia.

This is thanks to its innovative product technology, comprehensive quality assurance programmes, and sophisticated production process – which is supported by its highly skilled and experienced staff.

The company’s “team of technical specialists are dedicated to ensuring our products are thoroughly tested at every stage – from the selection of crude oil at the start of the production process, right through to customer supply,” Prinsloo said.

These rigorous quality management practices reflect Puma Bitumen’s commitment to delivering the highest quality road performance products, which is further backed by its Australian Standard AS/NZS 9001 accreditation.


Bitumen Precoat 306

One product that has demonstrated proven quality and performance is the Puma Bitumen Precoat 306, which has been specifically formulated to pre-treat aggregate used in sprayed seal road surface applications.

When constructing roads, working with aggregate that is dry and free from dust is crucial. By using a precoat, such as Puma Bitumen Precoat 306, creates a durable bond between the binder and precoated aggregate.

This provides excellent priming of the aggregate, ensuring optimal stone retention, and works to neutralises the effect of dust and fines.

A thin film of Precoat 306 is enough to promote superior adhesion of binder to each aggregate particle for the lifespan of the road.

As a result, overall road performance is improved as stone loss is reduced, helping improve road quality and promote longevity.

Customers across Australia are pleased with the results Puma products helps them achieve. In particular, Champion Contracting (Stonehenge Quarry) director Julie Champion praised Puma Bitumen Precoat 306.

“We have used the product twice now and have found it to be excellent,” Champion said.

She believes that “there are three main points that make a good product – availability, product and price” – and Precoat 306 fits the bill.

Firstly, “the service to get it to us has been spot on. Having a quarry in central Queensland isn’t always easy when it comes to freight, so to get this product delivered on time is a big plus,” Champion said.

“As for the product, we have found it to be very easy to use – it flows well, and the colour is perfect,” she continued.

“We are not a blue metal quarry, so our rock is lighter in colour – we require a product that is a lot darker than normal, and this fits the bill perfectly.

“Lastly the price – very competitive and an easy company to deal with. A1 for me,” Champion concluded.


S45R-LV crumb rubber

Another product to be added to the Puma Bitumen line up is the OLEXOBIT S45R-LV crumb rubber modified seal binder manufactured from Australian sourced waste tyres.

The S45R-LV is the successor to the company’s sprayed seal binder OLEXOBIT S45R, also made from waste tyre rubber.

According to Puma, every tonne of OLEXOBIT S45R repurposes the equivalent of 23 passenger vehicle tyres.

The S45R-LV crumb rubber offers a low viscosity environmentally friendly alternative to regular crumb rubber sprayed seal binders.

Likewise, the S45R-LV reduces the need for cutter, meaning that less hydrocarbons end up in the environment, further helping companies to further address sustainability goals.

It can be used in extreme stress seal applications and can be applied to alleviate the reflection of cracks on existing cracked surfaces where the cracks are active.

“Puma’s S45R-LV offers much improved ease of handling and application benefits, whilst providing the same trusted field performance as conventional S45R,” Prinsloo said.

She explained that one of the main application benefits of S45R LV over conventional S45R is that is it easier to spray, providing improved circulation and faster loading of sprayers, helping to improve overall operational efficiency.

The product also features reduced risk of sedimentation and has excellent early stone retention.


Commitment to sustainability

Puma Bitumen’s emphasis on R&D, innovation, and sustainability ensures that it can stay at the forefront of industry developments so that it can meet both the current and future needs of its customers.

In line with this, the company prioritises meeting the sustainability needs of its customers and the planet.

The team believes that sustainability is about working together with communities to understand and tackle global challenges.

It aims to provide an uninterrupted supply of quality bituminous binders and building roads to ensure infrastructure remains efficient and reliable for years to come.

“To meet the changing needs of our customer and communities and to play our part in addressing the world’s most important challenges – from climate change to resource management – we are focusing wholeheartedly on sustainability in bitumen,” Prinsloo explained.

For example, “asphalt is 100 per cent reusable and we are well on our way to achieving the goal of a truly circular economy in the sector.

“But more remains to be done to improve the sustainability of road surfacing – and Puma is committed to playing its part.”

Puma Bitumen is continuing extensive research and development work to continue on its sustainability journey for better performing roads.

Visit pumaenergy.com/bitumen for more information.

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