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Butlers Yarwun Quarries grows production with Wirtgen

Butlers yarwun quarries

Butlers Yarwun Quarries has added its delivery of the Kleemann MS 802 to the growing list of highlights of its four-year relationship with Wirtgen.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries is a family-owned business that has been operational since 1986.

“We produce road bases, aggregates for concrete, asphalt, etc., for heavy industry,” Butlers Yarwun Quarries SSE/manager John Sherburd told Quarry.

Helping Butlers Yarwun Quarries achieve its targets is equipment supplier Wirtgen Group.

“What we get with them is reliable equipment,” Sherburd said.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries has purchased three Wirtgen screens in the last two years, including the Kleemann Mobiscreen MSC 953 triple deck screening plant and a Kleemann MS 21 Z mobile double-deck scalping screen plant.

The third screen, and the most recent addition to the line-up, is the Kleemann MSS 802 mobile scalping screen plant.

“We needed to buy an additional screen for a contract that we have. So, we can double production and meet some pretty significant targets at the same time. So that’s the main reason we got that machine,” Sherburd explained.

Butlers Yarwun Quarries chose the MSS 802 for several reasons.

Sherburd noted that Butlers Yarwun Quarries felt that in comparisons with the alternatives from other companies, the MSS 802 was a lot better suited to its needs.

“(We) pretty much went through advantages and disadvantages of a couple of competitors with what this was and the 802 come out on top pretty much for that,” Sherburd said.

Likewise, “being the been the newest one that Wirtgen made; I was pretty keen (to get this one). Plus, we got two others here, so you’ve got continuity of parts,” Sherburd added.

Sherburd was initially drawn to the MS 802 as it boasted a new design which offered higher quality build and improved safety features.

“Quality is good with the new (MSS 802),” Sherburd said. “They’ve changed the quality; the safety aspects are a lot different as well.

“So, for me, in the new machine, it would be, I think 50 per cent better than the old ones,” Sherburd noted.

The new design of the MS 802 also means that it was stronger, more powerful, and productive – which is exactly what Butlers Yarwun Quarries needed to achieve its targets.

“It helped us achieve the targets because it’s a new machine; it’s a lot stronger than the older ones,” Sherburd said.

“Things to run better because of the configuration of the pumps, with the conveyors. (There’s) less downtime with blockages and that sort of stuff. It’s been significant in helping us over the last couple of months here,” he explained.

In particular, Sherburd praised the MSS 802 its enhanced safety that offers.

“The main reason that we went for (the MSS 802) was they got a new safety aspect on that screen that the other screens don’t have.”

This “makes for ease of changing screens, accessibility for working on it,” he said.

For example, the MS 802 features good quality walkways for people to ensure workers’ safety when doing maintenance work, Sherburd said.

“Also, the screen is better than the older ones in the fact that each conveyor has a standard line pump system for it,” he continued.

This mean that “they have more power, but they get blocked as much and you can put more weight over them.

“So, that’s the main reason I went with that one,” Sherburd explained.

“Actually, we purposely blocked it to see how easy it is to unblock than the old ones,” Sherburd noted.

“We got it down got a screen change with to see how easy that was.”

With the MS 802, “you can drop down flat, and the conveyor becomes like a walkway as well, so it’s a lot easier to get round a lot easier to change safely,” he said.

Another major plus for Butlers Yarwun Quarries is the availability of the screen.

“Availability was a big thing,” Sherburd said. “And (the MSS 802) was readily available. There was no waiting time on it.”

He explained that other companies often have a six to eight month wait for equipment.

However, with Wirtgen, “we were able to get it and get it to work straight away. (This) was the main advantage of it,” Sherburd said.

When considering a new purchase, a business’s customer service plays a key role.

“The relationship we’ve got there with the people and that sort of thing that was (another) main one to consider,” Sherburd said.

Sherburd sees Butlers Yarwun Quarries relationship with Wirtgen continuing.

“The relationship I’ve developed with certain parts of Wirtgen has been really good over the last four years. I would buy another once again,” he said.

In fact, “we’re talking about other equipment as well at the moment,” Sherburd added.

Currently, Sherburd is most impressed with the delivery of the MS 802 and considers it a highlight of Butlers Yarwun Quarries’ relationship with Wirtgen.

“It’s a lot different than what the old ones were. And there was a highlight getting that and seeing it running.”

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