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CDE supplies Burdett’s with new wash plant

Sand and gravel supplier Burdett’s has invested in a dredge and dry-fed wash plant from CDE at its new greenfield site in Lang Lang, Vic.

Sand and gravel supplier Burdett’s has invested in a dredge and dry-fed wash plant from CDE at its new greenfield site in Lang Lang, Vic.
Burdett’s required a robust and reliable solution that could process material extracted on-site and from local quarries at its new Lang Lang site.

It wanted to relieve pressures on its existing operations, maximise operational efficiency and add value to existing products.

CDE designed and installed an advanced 250tph wet processing solution to produce high-quality washed sands.

The plant incorporates a dual EvoWash sand wash plant, dredge sump, infinity design ProGrade screen, feed hopper and dual sliding blending conveyors.

The EvoWash screens and separates the smaller sand and gravel fractions through an integrated high-frequency dewatering screen.

The hydrocyclone technology provides control of silt cut points and eliminates the loss of quality fines.

CDE’s ProGrade screen separates out the 15mm and +5mm fractions, delivering a high power-to-weight ratio and reducing overall power consumption.

The screens are built to last, with an independent spray bar assembly protected from vibration, which ensures maximum durability and allows Burdett’s to meet production targets.

CDE’s classification and dewatering technology increases the accuracy of separation and delivers high-quality product with less than 15 per cent moisture content straight off the belt, eliminating the need for drying.

Lang Lang is a site with a high-water table, so Burdett’s required a plant that had the flexibility to take a dry excavated feed as well as a dredge feed.

The conventional mining process of extracting material from water and leaving it to dry out and dewater is extremely labour-intensive and increases operational costs.

In response, CDE commissioned a dredge feed system, meaning that once Burdett’s reaches the water table it can dredge wet slurry feed to the plant.

This removed the intermediatory step of having to dewater material first, which in turn reduced operational and labour costs.

Burdett’s specialises in the supply of various products, therefore the integration of dual sliding conveyors to create blended products removes the need to manually blend material with a loader.

This also further contributed to maximising operational efficiency.

“Our existing plant at Langwarrin can only process so much material,” Burdett’s director Andrew Burdett said.

“With CDE’s expertise and technology, we are now equipped to process higher volumes at a faster rate, rather than relying on a single site for washing.”

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