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Volvo EC950E excavator ticks all the boxes

The Volvo EC950E excavator promises next level safety, productivity, operator comfort and ergonomics, making it ideal for quarrying needs.

Volvo EC950E excavator promises next level safety, productivity, operator comfort and ergonomics, making it ideal for all your quarrying needs.

Founded in 1974, CJD is the official distributer for Volvo equipment in Australia with a partnership stretching back to the 90s.

“CJD has been the Western Australian dealer since 1992, we have been the national dealer and distributor since 2002,” CJD Equipment national product engineering and training manager Lindsay Daniels told Quarry.

“We have had a strong 30-year relationship with Volvo, and this has allowed CJD to develop our product range and our reputation with Volvo as a strong, reliable and successful dealer for their product.”

For Daniels, Volvo’s commitment to the planet and people is what sets it apart from the competition.

“Volvo has a strong commitment to environmental awareness and safety for both the operator people working around the site and those servicing the product throughout all their business interests,” he explained.

Volvo’s corporate core values are safety, environment, and operator comfort.

Specifically, “Volvo’s aim is to provide the best m3 per litre production in class, reducing the cost of production,” Daniels noted.

For example, “Volvo also has a strong leaning to innovation and design, being the first manufacturer to install ROPS cabins on wheel loaders, parallel lift loader frames, seat belts and articulated dump trucks – (these are) just a few of the innovations introduced over the years and adopted by the industry as standard,” said Daniels.

Therefore, “representing Volvo puts CJD at the forefront of manufacturer technology and machine developments,” he added.

One prime example of Volvo’s values in action is the EC950E excavator.

“The EC950E was introduced to the market about five years ago deliberately sized to be the ideal loader to the Volvo A60 articulated hauler and quarry applications,” Daniels said.

“It is available in GP or ME configuration, depending on the customer’s needs.”

The EC950E is “powered by the Volvo D16 6-cylinder diesel engine, producing 446 kw at 1800 RPM power and 2650 Nm of torque at 1350 RPM following Volvo criteria of high torque at low engine RPM, providing good fuel economy and excellent productivity,” highlighted Daniels.

More specifically, the EC950E stands out terms of safety, productivity, and operator comfort and ergonomics.

When it comes to safety, EC950E features ground level servicing and grouped grease banks. This minimises down time and reduces the need to climb on the machine, Daniels explained.

The upper house area on the EC950E is easy to access and has well positioned handrails and footsteps to provide secure three-point contact, both increasing safety and improving accessibility.

The safety features do not just end there. “The upper house is fitted with punched steel tread plates providing real confidence in you footing when inspecting the engine from above,” Daniels said.

“Rear vision and option side vision cameras also reduce the risk of damaging the machine when manoeuvring on the job site,” he added.

Safety often leads to productivity as accessibility is improved. However, to add an extra boost of productivity, the EC950E features a long undercarriage as standard. This “provides good stability and lifting capacity across and over the front of the machine,” Daniels said.

The EC950E is “a well-balanced machine that provides the opportunity to optimise bucket size to match digging conditions and material weight.

“The Volvo EC950EL has a large list of bucket sizes available,” Daniels added.

Likewise, the EC950E demonstrates next level fuel efficiency to generate extra cost savings. “Volvo’s D16 engine has Volvo’s trademark high Kw rating with High torque at low RPM’s which gives the EC950E outstanding fuel economy.

“Matched to Volvo’s high flow hydraulic system, this enables fast digging and loading cycles,” Daniels said.

This is in line with Volvo’s core goal to provide unrivalled m3 per litre production in class with the aim of reducing production costs.

Ergonomics and user experience is at the core of all Volvo designs. The Excavators Care Cab on the EC950E is specifically designed to ergonomic and provide optimal working conditions for workers. It is spacious and provides an uncluttered, simple control layout for ease of operation, Daniels noted.

For example, the operator’s cab is supported on hydraulic dampening mounts to reduce shock and vibration levels. When coupled with the sound-absorbing lining, noise levels are reduced.

“The cab also has large windows or greater visibility to large entrance doors with well-placed handrails for safe 3-point contact at all times,” Daniels said.

“The air-conditioning provides positive pressurisation to the cab elimination dust ingression, (and) when fitted with the optional HEPA filters it provides the operator with a very clean safe environment,” he added. Air is distributed throughout the cab from 14 vents.

Great care was taken to design an ergonomic operator’s seat. The seat has 12 different adjustments and can be moved independently along with the joy stick console to accommodate the operator.

Daniels believes that “it’s the little things that set Volvo apart from the competition.”

For example, “the strength and efficiency of the air conditioning system, comfortable air suspension seat, cab layout, excellent visibility, and the design strength of the machines upper house all lead to a comfortable stable and productive machine,” he explained.

“The difference is in the build quality, come and see for yourself,” Daniels added.

The benefits do not just end after the purchase as CJD continues to be a trusted after-sales partner.

CJD has fully equipped parts warehouses in every capital city in Australia and throughout major regional towns, meaning that customers are supported regardless of their location.

“CJD has a very strong reputation for customer satisfaction and 24 hours after sales service for parts and service support,” Daniels said.

Likewise, “Volvo’s Care Track system keeps the customer fully aware where the machine is, its operational status, fuel usage, and service requirements in real-time.”

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This feature first appeared in the July issue of Quarry.

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