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Move over for the NXTGEN of lifting technology

Specialised lifting requirements are constantly evolving, and component manufacturers must stay ahead of the curve to meet those demands.

Specialised lifting requirements are constantly evolving, and component manufacturers must stay ahead of the curve to meet those demands.

Where older, less durable products have much shorter lifespans and may degrade rapidly, newer technologies in lifting and hoisting seek to offer extended wear time and more robust capacity.

Titan Lifting are world-standard experts on the technology behind precision quality hoists, lashing and loading equipment, load and lifting chain, shackles, ratchet straps, lifting slings, hooks, and wire cable products.

Titan Lifting is Australian owned and operated. It is globally recognised for its reliable premium standards and comprehensive service offering.
Its NXTGEN range of advanced chain and lever hoists answer the call for adaptive parts that address day-to-day challenges on site.

Created for the future of industrial lifting requirements, this range boasts incredible quality at a competitive price.

Specifically developed with overload protection in mind, the units integrate smart locking mechanisms to avoid overloading and contribute to better managing safety concerns.

“With a far superior fused brake system over other similar hoists, the NXTGEN Overload Protection does not allow the chain or lever hoist to operate if overloaded,” Titan Lifting General Manager John Di Michele explained.

“This locking system is an extremely important safety feature that makes the NXTGEN range stand out.”

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The NXTGEN hoist range boasts superior load capacity and flexible design.

Where tailored application is required, optional lifting heights are available upon request.

Attention to detail when it comes to protective finish, and low-profile characteristics render these hoist systems unique within the market and ensure practical integration alongside other lifting apparatus.

“Operating the hoists requires less effort when lifting heavy loads,” Di Michele said.

“Considerable thought has been put into each component of these hoists to tick every box. A large number of the parts and components are coated with a Dacromet finish to ensure high level of corrosion resistance and durability in harsh environments.”

NXTGEN hand chain hoist

The Hand Chain Hoist incudes a high-performance gear system, allowing for reduced manual pull when lifting heavy loads.

Safety is a major consideration in this product’s application, with factory-set overload protection which will not allow the chain block to operate if overloaded.

The impact resistant brake and gear covers also offer durability against environmental factors such as dust and rainwater to increase longevity.

The hand chain hoist is available in capacities ranging from 500kg to 10 tonnes in standard lifting heights of three to six metres.

Larger capacities are also available through special request.

NXTGEN lever hoist
Needle and ball roller bearings define the lever hoist units, allowing minimum effort when lifting loads.

Comprehensive safety features are also applied here, including the double pawl brake which instantly holds the load securely, and of course factory-set overload protection.

The solid alloy steel frame forms a compact, low-profile build with low headroom, and easy installation.

with zero pre-load required, the lever hoist is available in capacities ranging from 800kg to 9 tonne in standard lifting heights of 1.5 metres.

Key features:

  • Advanced overload protection
  • Compact design and low headroom
  • Dacromet coated parts for corrosion resistance
  • Double pawl brake system
  • Zinc plated fixings, side plates and guides
  • Heavy duty cast hook safety latches
  • High precision gears with caged bearings.

Each unit is manufactured in compliance with Australian Standard AS1418.2 and backed by a five-year limited warranty to offer customers peace of mind.

Get in touch with your local Motion Australia representative to discuss the best application for your industrial settings.



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