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CDE and Turmec deliver automated waste processing plant

Rino Recycling has invested in a new automated waste processing plant in Pinkenba, Qld, in partnership with CDE and Turmec.

Rino Recycling has invested in a new automated waste processing plant in Pinkenba, Qld, in partnership with CDE and Turmec.

The plant will provide the construction industry with a quality alternative to virgin quarried material.

The project represents CDE’s largest waste recycling plant in Australia to date.

Integrating both wet and dry processes, the hybrid plant is set to improve waste recovery rates in the Brisbane metropolitan area and divert high value construction materials away from landfill.

When operational, the plant will have the capacity to recycle more than 800,000 tonnes of material every year to meet the growing demands of the region and will divert an additional 90,000 tonnes of waste from landfill.

The recycling solution is also expected to save over 8,400 tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of planting over 400,000 trees.

The project also features an automated aspect to minimise the need for operator intervention.

The new plant will accept a variable waste stream comprising of commercial skip and bin waste, hydro excavation waste, crushed concrete, and excavated fills.

Combining their specialisms in wet and dry processing, CDE and Turmec will engineer an interconnected system that will work in harmony to accept incoming feedstock.

At first, feedstock will be processed via Turmec’s dry mixed recyclables plant to separate fines and removes contaminants before processing through CDE’s advanced wash plant solution to produce a range of recycled sand and aggregates of virgin material quality.

Linked by a network of conveyors, waste material will transition seamlessly between the wet and dry systems without manual input.

“The completion of this integrated hybrid plant will be the first of its type around the world and will pave the way for the future of recycling,” Rino Recycling general manager, Daniel Blaser said.

Operating alongside the core processing plant will be CDE’s Hydro:Tip solution to handle non-destructive digging muds with ease and efficiency.

The Hydro:Tip will enable Rino Recycling to process waste mud in a cost-effective and responsible manner while recovering recyclable materials that can be re-sold to generate additional revenue.

According to CDE business development manager Jason Hartmann the hands-off approach is the defining feature of the plant.

“Handling and double-handling material is a costly process and limits the ability of Rino Recycling to process and repurpose the high tonnages it is targeting,” Hartmann said.

“This solution from CDE and Turmec will increase the total availability and throughput of the plant.

“It’s ability to accept multiple waste streams, process the material and deliver an in-spec product at the end – all without manual intervention – is testament to the engineering excellence of both firms.”

“More broadly, it demonstrates the knowledge and engineering capability of companies from the island of Ireland, whose solutions are transforming waste recycling operations the world over,” he concluded.


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