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The right weighbridge system can transform operations

The right weighbridge solution can help businesses achieve increased operating hours, cost reductions and overall efficiency.

The right weighbridge solution can help businesses achieve increased operating hours, cost reductions and improve overall efficiency. 

As regulations change in Australia, the demand for weighbridges across multiple industries is increased

A trade approved automated weighbridge system will help your company to meet various trade and CoR (Chain of Responsibility) requirements.

Not only this, but an automated weighbridge system can also completely streamline your day-to-day site workflow.

An automated weighbridge system from NWI can enhance daily operations, with each component adding benefit.

Overall, there are 10 components to consider:

  1. Touch screen driver terminal
  2. Large digital remote display
  3. Traffic lights
  4. Boom gates
  5. ANPR snapshot camera
  6. End position/anti-fraud sensors
  7. Overhead load camera
  8. Radiation detection
  9. WinWeigh weighbridge management software
  10. Weighbridge construction

NWI specialise in the design, supply, and installation of comprehensive automated weighing systems.

A customised solution from NWI is tailored to suit your specific needs, challenges and desired outcomes.

Its experienced team can advise on which hardware or software choices will help ensure your operational objectives are achieved.

With over 25 years in business, and team members with 35 years or more of industry experience, NWI’s presence in the field is well known.

NWI’s exposure to, and experience with a wide variety of industries and applications ensures customers receive the most efficient, robust, and safety conscious solution on the market.

NWI designed systems have a proven track record of providing increased efficiencies, increased operating hours, and cost reductions, as well as optimal performance.

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