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Delta Rent keeps you covered, so you can keep going

Penrice Quarry & Mineral has rented two dump trucks and a water truck from Delta Rent to keep up with increasing market demands.

Penrice Quarry & Mineral has rented two dump trucks and a water truck from Delta Rent to keep up with increasing market demands.

Penrice Quarry & Mineral quarry manager Rodd Welsh explained that the main goal of renting from Delta Rent is to temporarily replace its own trucks during their scheduled mid-life rebuilds, and to add an additional truck to cope with the extra truck movements required due to increased sales and the need to move overburden.

By renting replacement trucks from Delta Rent, Penrice Quarry & Mineral ensures that it can maintain the level of service its customers have come to expect.

Delta Rent is supplying Penrice Quarry & Mineral with low-hour dump trucks, a Komatsu HD605-8 60-tonne dump truck and Komatsu HD605-7EO 60-tonne dump truck, which generally ensures a trouble-free experience given Komatsu’s reliability.

“And we’ve had a water truck on hire for a little while, too (a CAT 735, 35-tonne articulated water truck), which has been very helpful,” Welsh added.

The trucks enable Penrice Quarry & Mineral to not only keep up with demands, but to also maintain high levels of on-site safety.

“The safety of our people on-site is paramount, so ensuring we have regular maintenance on our fleet of quarry vehicles as per the OEM recommendations assists with a safer work environment,” said Welsh.

“Our business is expanding and trying to keep up with the current growth of sales along with our own pit development is a real challenge, thus hiring low-hour vehicles from Delta Rent has proved to be safe and productive.”

Welsh told Quarry how the project began.

“The project initially started because of the need to do mid-life rebuilds to our fleet of dump trucks,” he said.

“The need for quarry pit development and current business growth has extended the need for rental vehicles, as each vehicle is normally out of service for less than two months.

“But due to the current (pandemic) situation, the supply of parts and equipment for the rebuilds has increased the downtime to more than three months.

“With the current demand on all quarries increasing sales, production therefore needs to increase.”

Another benefit of the rented trucks is that they are more recent models.

“They’re bringing in brand new, up-to-date fleet models. These are 2021, 2022 models – so the same truck but it just hasn’t done the hours that ours have done,” Welsh said.

“Our dump trucks are sitting at around the 17,000-hour mark, which is when we traditionally take them out for what we call a mid-life rebuild.

“This is where we take all major components from engine to transmission and replace all worn components with remanufactured components. This is to ensure the safety of our people and the reliability of our fleet.”

Delta Rent’s stellar service is one of the things that keeps Penrice Quarry & Mineral selecting it time and again.

“We’ve always used Delta Rent, along with others, but they had the machinery that we required on hand at the time, and price and service was on the mark,” Welsh said.

“The Delta Rent team is good to work with and always provides good service.”

Welsh also praised Delta Rent’s reliability.

“Trucks are always delivered on time and in the condition that they state,” he said.

“I’d recommend them. Without them our business wouldn’t produce the same output needed to meet our targets.

“There’s definitely a need for rental vehicles in this industry.”

Visit deltarent.com.au for more information.

This feature first appeared in the June issue of Quarry.

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